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  1. Revision 6: Series and Divisions, OC Competitions.
  2. An idea for some time in the future
  3. Rev6 Divisions Explained - Working Document Alpha Version
  4. Teams in Rev6
  5. Overclocking Autarky in Rev6
  6. Community leaders for competitive overclocking
  7. The Countdown Has Begun #revision6
  8. Some explanations need fixed
  9. HWBOT R6 (OC-Esports.io) Bugs/Features - Report bugs or request new HWBOT features here
  10. OC-ESPORTS.io V1.2.2 Released: 24 Improvements, Fixes, and Updates
  11. OC-Sports points in/on a users page
  12. Thinking about points for Enthusiast/Air
  13. Can't submit Hwbot Prime [2015_07_22]
  14. Taiwan Transition: the latest step