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  1. Episode #1: Galaxy/Kingston Contest Preview, Corsair/ASUS/MSI Contest Review, HWBOT 2014 and Shamino Leaving
  2. Episode #2: GOC 2013, HyperX OC Takeover, CES 2014, Country Cup, Rookie Rumble and 6.6 GHz on air
  3. Episode #3: Computex 2014, G.SKILL OC World Cup, HWBOT OC Anniversary Gathering and Elmor Interview
  4. Episode #4: Computex 2014 Overview with Intel, HyperX G.SKILL Competitions, HWBOT OC Anniversary Gathering, Devil's Canyon and Pentium AE
  5. Episode #5: EOC 2014, Gamescom, MSI MOA Round Up, HyperX HOT Round Up, AOOC Discussion, Future HWBOT Gatherings
  6. Episode #6: MSI MOA 2014, ASUS AOOC 2014, Looking forward to GOC 2014, HyperX HOT and World Tour
  7. Episode S02E01: GOC'14, AOCT'14, CES, HOT'15, World Tour
  8. Episode S02E02: World Tour, Dancop and 8 Pack, 801 Tweaker Challenge, Turrican Memorial
  9. Episode S02E03: HWBOT League Points, Road To Pro and Challenger, World Tour Update and Novice Nimble
  10. Episode S02E04: MSI Beat The Fastest, GIGABYTE BIG XTU Challenge, ROG OC Showdown Formula, GSKILL World Cup, Telkomsel TOOC, World Series Last Update
  11. Episode S02E05: World Tour North America and Europe, ROG Camp in Germany, Old School is Best School competition, and more
  12. Episode S02E12: Futuremark Legacy Open Keys, Obsolete 2D Benchmarks, HWT Aftermovie, AMD Fury X Overclocking
  13. The OC Show Live Q&A S02E13: Intel Skylake Leaks, Unlocked Haswell mobile and ESWC Finals (Do Gamers Know Hardware?)
  14. The OC Show - S02E14: Control EVGA EPower with Raspberry Pi, 47 Thermal Pastes reviewed and more!
  15. The OC Show Live Q&A S02E14: Overclocking in Indonesia with Lucky_n00b, What's the Best Thermal Paste for Overclocking?, and more ...
  16. The OC Show - S02E17: MSI 980Ti Lightning, OC at Pax Prime and in Indonesia
  17. The OC Show Live Q&A - S02E17: Stream your OC Session, DDR4 Price, Skylake K mobile and more with ObscureParadox and Steponz
  18. The OC Show Live Q&A - S02E19: Rasparthe's OC Life, Steponz on Single GPU XOC, and RTP Challenger Division Season 1
  19. The OC Show - S02E20: HyperX OC Takeover (H.O.T.) Season 3 is announced!
  20. The OC Show - S02E21: HWBOT Country Cup 2015
  21. The OC Show Live Q&A - S02E21: All about the MSI Z170A XPOWER Gaming TE and the HyperX HOT Season 3
  22. The OC Show - S02E22: Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 Allowed for Skylake & Overclocking Events in Europe
  23. The OC Show Live Q&A - S02E22: Gunslinger Grabs HOT Wild Card, GIGABYTE Z170X-SOC Force with Dinos22, and Skylake Delidding with Der8auer and Neo
  24. The OC Show - S02E23: HWBOT X Overclocking Events & Ranking Embeds for Everyone!
  25. The OC Show Live Q&A - S02E23: Country Cup 2015, Lucky_n00b and Jagat's AOCT, and Wrapping Up 2015 with Gavbon, Redmax and Massman
  26. The OC Show - S03E02: HWBOT World Tour Latin America, OC Events in Indonesia, UK and India
  27. The OC Show - S03E04: AMD Excavator X4 845, HWT in South Africa and gatherings in Greece and Hungary
  28. The OC Show – S03E07: Road Pro, G.SKILL OC World Cup, HWBOT World Series Asia and More…
  29. The OC Show – S03E09: Road to Pro S02R3, US OC Summer Party plus HWBOT X Hits Spain