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  1. RealBench v2.4 Launched With X99 Support
  2. G751 Upgrade Guide
  3. Official Video: G751 Gaming Laptop
  4. Awesome Mod: ?Strix Soar Sky? by Autobot Chao
  5. M.2 PCI-Express SSD RAID-0 Performance On Rampage V Extreme
  6. Video: How To Build Semi-Passive With Strix And AI Suite III
  7. Epic Mod: ?Keeper of the Strix? by Bob Stewart
  8. Official Video: GR8 Gaming Console PC
  9. Overview: Strix DSP Gaming Headset
  10. Gallery: G751 Gaming Laptop
  11. G551 Upgrade Guide
  12. G771 Upgrade Guide
  13. Wicked mod: ?NightStrix? by bOddaker
  14. Menacing Mod: ?Strix Menace? by ReapervoN
  15. ASUS Announces Z97-Pro Gamer
  16. M.2 SSD Windows Install Guide
  17. ROG Rampage V Extreme: Review Roundup Vol. 2
  18. Competition: Win A Nomad Backpack and GM50 Mouse Pad
  19. Have Everything: NAS, Home Theater and Gaming Smooshed Into One PC
  20. Swift PG278Q G-Sync Gaming Monitor Review Roundup
  21. Video: A BitsPower Full Cover Waterblock For Every ROG Motherboard! By OC3D
  22. Competition: Win A Strix GTX 980 OC
  23. ASUS ROG Receives Six Good Design Awards 2014
  24. DDR4 3000MHz Setup Guide On Rampage V Extreme
  25. ASUS ROG G751: Review Roundup
  26. Guide: Install X-Socket II on Rampage V Extreme
  27. Win A Strix R9 285 And Game Codes!
  28. Get Assassin?s Creed Unity Free With ROG PG278Q, G20, G751 Or The Maximus VII Hero!
  29. ASUS Announces Limited-Edition TUF Sabertooth Z97 Mark S
  30. Video: ASUS ROG G751JY Gaming Notebook Overview
  31. ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces Poseidon GTX 980
  32. Poseidon GTX 980 Gallery
  33. Gladius Mouse Video: Top 5 Things You Need To Know!
  34. ASUS Open Overclocking Cup 2014: The Final Showdown in Moscow
  35. Intricate PC Mod: ?Strix Knight? by Little Hand
  36. Video: ROG G20 Compact Gaming Desktop PC Overview
  37. Rampage V Extreme ? Forum Review & OC Fun
  38. Strix Mods 5-Way Roundup
  39. ASUS Rampage V Extreme Gets Gold At HardOCP
  40. Guide: How to Upgrade Your Keyboard Using KeyBot
  41. Overview & Unboxing: TUF Sabertooth Z97 Mark S
  42. Hardware Canucks Lists ROG Gladius As Top 5 Gaming Mouse
  43. FarCry 4 Performance on ROG G771JM And G551JM (GTX 860M) Gaming Notebooks
  44. ASUS STRIX GTX 970 DirectCU II Gets Gold At HardOCP
  45. LiveStream: Watch The ASUS Open Overclocking Cup Final, Today!
  46. ASUS Open Overclocking Cup 2014 ? The Results
  47. Lords of the Fallen First Impressions And G751JY, G771JM and G551JM Best Performance Settings
  48. DreamHack CS:GO ESL Fantasy League ? Sponsored by ASUS
  49. FarCry 4 Performance On G751JY (GTX 980M) Gaming Laptop
  50. ASUS Announces Strix 7.1 Surround Gaming Headset
  51. EK Announces Strix GTX 980 Full Cover Waterblock
  52. Unboxing: ROG Poseidon Platinum GTX 980
  53. TUF Sabertooth Z97 Mark S Picture Gallery
  54. TUF Mod: Orange PC Project By J Johan Pino R
  55. Video: LazyGamer Interviews SA Extreme Overclocker Andrew ?dRweEZ? Roberts
  56. 4K Feature Video: The ASUS Strix 7.1 Gaming Headset Will Sharpen Your Hearing
  57. Maximus VII Impact Review Gets Editors Choice At Tweaktown
  58. ASUS Open Overclocking 2014 in pictures and videos
  59. ASUS Announces PB279Q: 10-bit, 4K Monitor With 100% sRGB Color Gamut
  60. Matrix GTX 980: Pictures and Specs
  61. ASUS GTX 970 DC Mini Graphics Card
  62. Catzilla 720P World Record by Dancop With R5E And Tri-SLI Strix GTX 980
  63. Hardware Canucks Rate The Strix GTX 980 OC ?Dam Good?
  64. Maximus VII Impact Review Receives Gold Award From PC Perspective
  65. Water Cooled Parvum S2, Maximus VII Gene Build By Bart?omiej Kurpiewski Is Delicious
  66. ROG Motherboard Feature Survey
  67. Win A Star Citizen Game Code ? Mid Month Mantle Madness With ASUS & AMD
  68. The Crew Performance on G771 and G551 (GTX 860M) Gaming Laptops
  69. ASUS ROG Announces Matrix GTX 980
  70. The Crew Performance on the G751JY (GTX 980M) Gaming Laptop
  71. ASUS Z97-Pro Gamer Review Gets Gamers Choice At OC3D
  72. Maximus VII Impact Recommended By Anandtech
  73. Project: Thief By Stren ? Two Water Cooled Rigs In One Massive Build
  74. Overview & Unboxing: ASUS GTX 970 DC Mini
  75. Overclocking A 5960X With EK-KIT X360 Water Cooling Kit
  76. Overview & Unboxing: ROG Matrix Platinum GTX 980
  77. Want To See Your ROG Gear Running? Lian Li Launches O-Series Chassis
  78. Detailed Overview Video: Matrix GTX 980 Platinum
  79. ASUS Announces Xonar U3 Plus, Pocket-Sized USB Sound With Headphone Amp
  80. Project: Immortal. Full Water Cooled PC Packed Into A Flight Case
  81. Centurion II Mod By J.P. Modified
  82. Project: Differ DP-3 by Modder CROW
  83. ASUS Announces Strix 2.0 Multi-Platform Gaming Headset
  84. Hardware Canucks Awards Rampage V Extreme, Matrix GTX 980
  85. Video: Strix Tactic Pro Keyboard Review By HellRaisers
  86. Detailed Overview Video: Poseidon GTX 980
  87. OC3D 2014 Awards Strix Graphics And ROG Motherboards
  88. 2014 Recap Of ROG (TUF and Strix) Products!
  89. What?s The Difference? Matrix, Poseidon And Strix GTX 980s Compared
  90. ASUS Celebrates 500 Million Motherboard Sales with Global Giveaway
  91. ASUS Wins Six Hardware.Info 2014 Awards
  92. CES 2015: ROG Sica Gaming Mouse
  93. CES 2015: PA328Q 4K LCD With 100% sRGB, Delta-E
  94. CES 2015: ROG Spatha Gaming Mouse: Wireless/Wired, MMO, Laser Sensor And More
  95. CES 2015: The ROG SLI Bridge
  96. CES 2015: ROG Swift PG27AQ 27-inch 4K LCD With GSync
  97. ASUS Announces Complete Gaming Hardware Line-up at CES 2015
  98. CES 2015: Latest AC Networking: EA-AC87, RT-AC3200 And RT-AC87U
  99. CES 2015: ROG Whetstone Mouse Mat
  100. CES 2015: MG279Q 27-inch WQHD IPS At 120+Hz!
  101. ASUS Wins Seven 2015 CES Innovation Awards
  102. Cooler Master Case Mod World Series 2015 Launches
  103. CES 2015: MX27AQ: 27-inches Of Frameless Elegance, WQHD, IPS
  104. ASUS Hardware Wins Several Best of 2014 Awards
  105. Project: Sabranco Humvee, By ACE Finland
  106. Project: A500, By Mnpctech
  107. ROG G771JM And ASUS N551JQ Now Feature Intel RealSense 3D Camera
  108. Project: SnowBlind By DarthBeavis
  109. 90?s PC Builder? Here?s Four Classic ASUS Motherboards!
  110. 3DMark Global First Record On Matrix GTX 980 & Rampage V Extreme
  111. Steam Client Updates Bring Broadcasting, FPS Counter
  112. Win ASUS Eschelon Gaming Gear!
  113. ASUS Announces Strix GTX 960
  114. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Performance on ROG G771 & G551 (GTX 860M) Gaming Laptops
  115. Win A ROG Enthusiast SLI Bridge
  116. Video: Strix GTX 960 Tech Overview
  117. ASUS Announces RT-AC3200 WiFi Router: Six Antenna, Twin Tri-Band (33) 802.11ac networks, Realtime AiProtection
  118. Project Snowblind Richard Surroz & Primochill Interviews
  119. Win ASUS Gear With HardOCP: Share Your Motherboard Story
  120. Unboxing And Overview: Strix GTX 960
  121. ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces OC Showdown 2015
  122. ASUS Announces B85M-Gamer
  123. Unboxing & Overview: Strix 7.1 Discrete Surround Gaming Headset
  124. G501: The Coolest & Quietest, Thin & Light 15-inch Gaming Laptop, With 4K, PCIE SSD
  125. ROG G751JL Gaming Laptop Launches With Nvidia GTX 965M
  126. Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Performance On ROG G751JL (GTX 965M) Gaming Laptop
  127. Technical Insight: ASUS USB 3.1 Technology
  128. ASUS Announces Designo MX27AQ WQHD LCD Monitor
  129. ASUS Launches Strix GTX 750 Ti 4GB and GTX 960 DirectCU Mini Graphics Cards
  130. G20AJ Gaming Performance
  131. Dying Light Performance: Best Gameplay Settings On ROG G771JM & G551JM Gaming Laptops
  132. ASUS Announces Best, Fastest and Most Comprehensive USB 3.1 Solutions
  133. eSports Video: ASUS Finals 7 Highlights
  134. Win A Maximus VII Impact & In Win D Frame Mini!
  135. Dying Light Performance: Best Gameplay Settings On ROG G751JL (GTX 965) Gaming Laptops
  136. ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces OC Showdown 2015 Formula Series
  137. ASUS Wins Ten 2015 iF Design Awards; Three For ROG Gaming Products
  138. ASUS ROG Announces GR8S Steam Machine
  139. ROG OC Showdown Extreme Series 2015 ? Round One Results
  140. Video: Boost My PC Czech Republic Episode 6
  141. ASUS Announces BIOS Updates for 5th-Generation Intel Core Processors
  142. ASUS Announces Strix GTX 960 4GB Graphics Card
  143. ASUS Announces Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Bundled With Its GTX 900 Series Graphics Cards
  144. How To Set Up The RT-AC3200 Router
  145. ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces GL552
  146. ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces Enthusiast SLI Bridge
  147. ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces G501 Ultra-Slim Gaming Laptop
  148. Best Gaming Settings on ASUS ROG G501 (GTX 960M)
  149. ASUS Announce TUF Sabertooth X99 at CeBIT
  150. Gallery: TUF Sabertooth X99
  151. Join Our Strix 2.0 Test Pilot Program!
  152. Sabertooth X99 Review Gets Gold Award At OC3D
  153. Video: ASUS ROG GL552JX 15-inch Gaming Laptop
  154. Dancop & Der8auer Break 3 Overclocking Records with ROG Motherboards
  155. Free XSplit Premium License for Selected ASUS Graphics Cards!
  156. Video: ASUS ROG G501JW 15-inch Ultra-Slim Gaming Laptop
  157. Upgrade your Strix 7.1 with New Firmware Update!
  158. ASUS Announces EA-AC87 ? AC1800 44 MIMO GigE to Wireless Bridge
  159. Interview with AdreN from Team Hellraisers
  160. ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces Dream Gaming Machine Global Online Campaign
  161. Dream Gaming Machine: All Twelve Modding Videos!
  162. ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces Sica Mouse and Whetstone Mouse Pad
  163. Strix 2.0 Test Pilots Winners Announced!
  164. UK: Join ASUS At Multiplayer Insomnia i54
  165. ASUS Announces 20th Anniversary Golden Edition GTX 980
  166. Unboxing: TUF Sabertooth X99
  167. Intel 750 2.5-inch SSD With NVMe And ASUS Hyper Kit
  168. Unboxing: ROG Sica Gaming Mouse
  169. Unboxing: ROG Whetstone Gaming Mouse Mat
  170. ROG OC Showdown Formula Series ? Round 1 Results
  171. ASUS Germany ? ROG Camp is going live!
  172. ASUS Polar DOTA 2 Team Interview
  173. ASUS Announces TUF Trooper B85 Motherboard
  174. ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces GR6
  175. ASUS Republic of Gamers announce Extreme Series Round 2 !
  176. ASUS Announces All X99 and Z97 Motherboards Support NVM Express Devices
  177. ASUS Wins Nine Prestigious 2015 Red Dot Awards for Outstanding Product Design
  178. Video: ?How I Built My Gaming Rig?
  179. G.SKILL Announces 128GB DDR4 Memory Kit Exclusively for Rampage V Extreme
  180. Starladder Final Tournament in Dreamhack Bucharest, April 24-26
  181. Join The ROG OC Showdown Area At HWBot World Tour Taiwan
  182. ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces Partnership with Grubby
  183. ASUS Republic of Gamers Announces Play It Cool Streaming Marathon
  184. ROG TekTonic Mods At Dreamhack Bucharest
  185. Strix Matching Pairs ? Take the Challenge
  186. ASUS Dream Gaming Machine ? Best Mods & Prize-Winners Announced!
  187. Watercooling performance on i7 5960X with EK-Kit X360
  188. ASUS Dream Gaming Machine ? 10K Bonus Giveaway Winners Announced
  189. ASUS Republic of Gamers G20 wins Gold Taiwan Excellence Award
  190. ASUS Announces MG279Q ? 27? WQHD IPS Gaming Display with 144Hz and FreeSync
  191. Overview & Unboxing: ASUS 20th Anniversary Golden Edition GTX 980
  192. ROG OC Showdown Area at HWBot World Tour event: Competition prizes announced
  193. New UEFI BIOS Updates! Available from May 2015
  194. Free Witcher 3: Wild Hunt & Batman: Arkham Knight with Strix GTX 980/970!
  195. ROG OC Showdown Extreme Series ? Round 2 Results
  196. ROG OC Showdown Area and Give away at HWBOT World Tour 2015 ? Asia Computex
  197. ASUS Announces WHQL Certification for Windows 10
  198. ASUS Announces Support for AMD A-Series Godavari APUs
  199. Computex 2015 ? ASUS ROG Announces Latest Range of Gaming Gear
  200. Computex 2015 ? New ROG Systems, Mods and Notebook Showcased
  201. ASUS Tops Awards at Computex 2015 with 14 wins!
  202. Computex 2015 ? ASUS Announces New Gaming Displays
  203. Computex 2015 ? New GPU and Strix Sound Cards
  204. Computex 2015 ? ROG Announces Latest Peripherals & Accessories for Complete Experience
  205. Computex 2015 ? The ROG Ecosystem Just Got Bigger
  206. ASUS Biggest Winner with Seven Honors at European Hardware Awards 2015
  207. Case Mod: Rockcrawler X99 By ACE Finland
  208. Jurgen Klinsmann's side recovered from 3-1 down
  209. ASUS PCDIY JJ features Free Sync monitor MG279Q
  210. Case Mod: ROG Maximus Command by Great B.W.
  211. J.J. From ASUS PCDIY: FreeSync on ASUS MG279Q Explained
  212. HWBOT World Tour 2015 Records Broken at ROG OC Showdown Area!
  213. Computex 2015: 27-inch ASUS MG278Q and MG279Q Gaming Monitors
  214. ROG OC Showdown Formula Series Round 2 ? Do you have what it takes?
  215. PCDIY: Live Stream and Giveaway!
  216. Computex 2015: ROG Spatha Wireless/Wired Gaming Mouse
  217. Unboxing: ASUS GTX 960 Turbo (Special Edition)
  218. ASUS Announces Strix GTX 980 Ti with DirectCU III Technology
  219. Computex 2015: ROG Hog Case Mod by Ai Mask
  220. Unboxing: ASUS Strix GTX 980 Ti
  221. ASUS Announces Strix R9 Fury
  222. Unboxing: Strix R9 390X
  223. ASUS Rampage V Extreme and Strix GTX980 Ti Proven to be the Ultimate Combo!
  224. Win a Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Game Code!
  225. ROG OC Showdown Formula Series ? Round 2 Results
  226. Game Like a Boss ? Get Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain with Graphics Card Upgrade!
  227. New Geekbench3 World Record Set by Toolius From India
  228. Unboxing: Strix R9 Fury
  229. ASUS Ultra-Low Blue Light Monitors Receive TV Rheinland Certifications
  230. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain ? Free with Selected ROG Laptops
  231. The Biggest eSports Event Ever! The International 2015 Dota 2 Championships
  232. ASUS Announces ROG GX860 Buzzard Gaming Mouse
  233. ChinaJoy 2015: ROG Systems and Mods Photo Gallery
  234. Five ASUS Motherboards Nominated for Best Motherboards in PC Gamer Article!
  235. Press Release: ASUS Announces Z170 Pro Gaming
  236. Press Release: ASUS Announces Z170 Series Motherboards
  237. Press Release: ASUS Announces Z170 Signature Series Motherboards
  238. Press Release: ASUS Announces Maximus VIII Z710 Series
  239. ASUS Offers Free In-Game Items for World of Warships
  240. ASUS ROG G20 and G11 Concept Desktops Unveiled at Gamescom 2015
  241. ASUS and ROG Laptops Now Shipping with Windows 10 Pre-installed
  242. The changeup and the curveball were working
  243. ASUS Joins Forces with Electronic Arts as Official PC Gaming Hardware Partner at gamescom 2015
  244. The International 2015 Dota 2 Championships Wrap-Up
  245. ROG Absolute Zero: 8 World Records and 12 Global First Places
  246. Rampage V Extreme ? 4 Global First Places set by Xtreme_Addict
  247. TI5 Giveaway Winners Announced!
  248. ASUS Announces Worlds First USB 3.1 Gen 2 Motherboard Certification
  249. Winners Announced for Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Game Codes
  250. Unboxing: ROG Maximus VIII Hero