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  1. [WU] [HP&DB] Rebranded graphics cards
  2. [RU] [GR] 1.4. Mixed Multi-GPU Submission Guidelines
  3. [RU] [GR] Unlocked graphics cards
  4. [WU] [HP&DB] CPU-World Integration
  5. [RU] [SF] Screenshot example in submission form must match the one in the benchmark's rules
  6. [lol] AMD/ATI graphics cards name in GPU-Z
  7. [RU] [GR] Allow league members to submit with cooling reserved to higher league if points disabled
  8. [RU] [GR] Update Verification Guideline for old hardware - misreported harware
  9. [RU] [BS] Remove the 220 MB/s limitation for PCMark05
  10. [RU] [BS] Benchmark version
  11. [RU] [BS] Default benchmark settings
  12. [RU] [GR] Redraft General Rules article
  13. [RU] [GR] Time Measurement error
  14. [RU] [BS] Update all verification screenshots
  15. [RU] [BS] [BB] Update all verification screenshots
  16. [RU] [BS] [BB] Update all benchmark rules
  17. [RU] [BS] Multiplatform Benchmarks Verification
  18. [RU] [BS] Update all mobile benchmark rules
  19. [RU] [GR] Screenshot guidelines
  20. [WU] [HP] Redesign HW Pages
  21. [RU] [GR] Cooling examples with pictures
  22. [RU] [LS] Cooling and League Separation
  23. [BS] Points: 3DMark - Time Spy and some other 3D Benchmarks
  24. Fix HWBOT
  25. [RU] [GR] Clarify rules on ES/Limited/Retail Hardware
  26. Need Feedback: New Benchmark Points Allocation
  27. Test some competition formats
  28. XOC Comps
  29. Season and Divisions
  30. How graphics cards categories are determined or what makes for a new category
  31. Add system pic example