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  1. forum launched
  2. hwbot
  3. hwbot 1.9.1
  4. 6000!
  5. hwbot 1.9.2
  6. hwbot 1.9.3
  8. HWBOT.org is hiring!
  9. hwbot 1.9.5 beta 12
  11. forum downtime
  12. titles in the forum
  13. videocard overclockability charts
  14. x1950xtx due out imminently, x1900 card prices slashed by up to 20%
  15. shamino is about to test the x1950xtx, link to pics
  16. corsair pc10000 to launch soon but no build up to it
  17. *news flash* first real tests of ati x1950xtx by the master shamino
  18. hwbot multipi - multithreaded superpi
  19. craptacular one off guru3d smashes the hwbot 3d06 top score with 14649
  20. yet another new graphics card coming out this one looks killer 7950gt
  21. first x1950 xtx listed for pre-sale in uk rrp GBP £279-£299
  22. the ace overclocker kingpin is posting his 3dmark scores on hwbot
  23. first pics g80 nvidia ???????
  24. kinc has broken 90,000 on 3dmark01
  25. Kingpin at orb rampage !
  26. hwbot signature engine
  27. hwbot downtime
  28. pifast week
  29. wPrime added to benchmark suite
  30. the big sisoft sandra poll: remove / disable hwboints / only ss2007?
  31. XS sub 4000, OCX at 400 points
  32. The new hwbot server topic.
  33. database nightmare
  34. hwboints rev2
  35. Gallup: Size matters in team benching?
  36. Gallup: How much grinding allowed?
  37. rb's vacation down under
  38. Petition to Futuremark
  39. hwbot signatures v2 soon to be released
  40. Anonymous comments on hwbot news purged
  41. hwbot site speed improved
  42. sneak peak
  43. migrate hwbot forums to phpbb3 or vbb?
  44. forum upgrade to vbulletin 3
  45. onepagebook excluded from hwbot
  46. hwbot v2.0
  47. The hwbot v2.0 poll
  48. HWBot proudly presents: TEN THOUSAND superpi 1M scores
  49. digg integration
  50. i-Ram allowed @ HWBot
  51. hwbot maintenance
  52. poll: forum categories
  53. small downtime
  54. wPrime v1.53 released
  55. United Greece jumps to second in community rankings!
  56. Battle at the top: OMEGA3 matches SuperPi 1m record: 8.95s
  57. New SuperPi world record by zennema: 8.95s with Core2 @ 5.7Ghz
  58. howto use hwbot?s compare engine for videocards and processors
  59. i-Ram allowed @ HWBot
  60. Hipro5 rips through member rankings, first to reach 1k points.
  61. THRASHER2 first to achieve ?hardware king? status.
  62. Overklokk first to achieve ?overclocking legend? status.
  63. hwbot v2.0 public testrun
  64. New subteam rules
  65. H.O.T. (Hellas OC Team) challanges XtremeSystems for #1 spot.
  66. The Russian Rising
  67. New crew: meke and rainless.
  68. The Bionic Clocker
  69. downtime
  70. The Battle For the Frozen Throne
  71. The Iron Man
  72. It?s up to you
  73. Gpu-Z
  74. Brandybuck excluded from HWBot
  75. Requiescat in Pace, Dom
  76. small update
  77. The beast is back !
  78. hwbot mail error
  79. wPrime v1.55 released - mandatory as of 1/1/2008
  80. In The Spotlights: MaSell
  81. OutOfSpecs.Gr set new PCMark05 World record
  82. OutOfSpecs.Gr set new PCMark05 World record
  83. OutOfSpecs.Gr set new PCMark05 World record (? but Hipro5 strikes back)
  84. 3/4 way videocard support coming soon.
  85. 3/4 way videocard support coming soon. *update: supported*
  86. hwbot IRC server
  87. HWBOT hardware index 2007 Q4
  88. country rankings try out
  89. Should HD3870X2 and other dual core videocards be put in sli/cf rankings?
  90. battle for the throne: No_Name closing in on Hipro5
  91. !!! check kingpins Results !!!
  92. k|ngp|n is back?
  93. Reminder - use of wPrime v1.55 mandatory
  94. hwbot signatures v2 soon to be released
  95. In The Spotlights: Unseen
  96. No_Name takes #1 spot in overclockers ranking.
  97. No_Name Hipro5 takes #1 spot in overclockers ranking.
  98. 150.000 benchmark scores reached
  99. short maintenance downtime
  100. hwbot forum upgrade
  101. hwbot engine b598
  102. Attention: example verification screenshots for online submissions updated
  103. hwbot looking for new hardware moderator
  104. hwbot signature creator made public
  105. 3DMark 2008 ?Vantage? poll - updated
  106. Aqua-pcs first third party to support hwbot
  107. hwboints history restored for members and teams
  108. In The Spotlights: 4QMan
  109. Second dedicated hwbot server installed - domain name transferred to new server
  110. HWBOT hardware index 2008 Q1
  111. bot service - don?t upgrade to vBulletin 3.6.10 or 3.7.0 (yet)
  112. hwbot looking for new hardware moderator *update*
  113. Aquamark03 rules updated
  114. Aquamark submission rules updated
  115. Moderation backlog solved
  116. CPU-Z submissions rules updated - online verification required
  117. ranking hickups
  118. rankings temporary down
  119. Temporary fix for vBulletin 3.7.x users
  120. Fake SuperPi application spotted in the wild
  121. Temporary fix support added for vBulletin 3.7.x - UPDATE
  122. hwbot engine update - vbulletin 3.7 support added
  123. forums reorganized
  124. hwbot engine update - phpbb3 supported
  125. How close does it get?
  126. 24h of extreme benching
  127. Award points to 3DMark Vantage scores - 2nd poll
  128. We will always remember you, Orlando!
  129. 3DMark03 and HD 4870 X2 Performance Scaling Investigated
  130. Help Us Test Wprime 2.0
  131. Hwboints for 3DMark Vantage to be enabled next week.
  132. 3DMark05 World Record with LN2 Cooled HD4870X2
  133. 3DMark Vantage Advanced offered at lower price for hwbot members.
  134. Ultimate Overclock Championship to take off
  135. Hercules spotted on HWBot, wait, it?s HIPRO!
  136. Titon takes AMD PiFast / SuperPi 1M world records
  137. a little result of MSI Master Overclocking Arena
  138. Whats up with HWB?
  139. Home Interactive Technologies 2008
  140. AMD Phenom II next best thing?
  141. WPrime v1.55 still mandatory
  142. Merry Christmas - your present: HWbot v2.2 preview
  143. Santa Has Come!
  144. 1.000.000 HWbot Visitors
  145. Rooting for the underdog: Hipro inches closer to n#1
  146. All hail to the new king ?
  147. Australia takes home PCMark05 trophy
  148. GTX295 and HOF?s
  149. Geforce GTX 295 claims first spot in single card ranking
  150. FM provides verification links for GTX285/GTX295
  151. ebay for overclockers: ocbay launched
  152. hwbot development - weekly update
  153. Proposed functionality discussion: people who do not participate in the hwboints leag
  154. hwbot development - weekly update
  155. Sparkle 9500GT Overclocking Contest [DUTCH]
  156. Update to 3DMark01 rules for old videocards (Riva TNT)
  157. hwbot server maintenance: downtime
  158. 3DMARK 2K1 low clock challenge II
  159. Stummerwinter hits Top 3!
  160. hwbot development - weekly update
  161. New kid on the block - Vivi throws himself in the game
  162. Catalyst 9.4's - Miracle 2K3
  163. Freeocen.de removed from HWbot
  164. Attention: ONLY official CPU-Z version for screenshot verification
  165. K|ngp|n hits 1600
  166. Top 3 overclocker ?SF3D? retires from result moderating.
  167. Random rankings added to front page.
  168. Update to general rules for submissions with minor mistakes without global points
  169. AndreYang hits second place in overclockers league
  170. Reminder: wPrime checksum required for top 20
  171. K|ngp|n takes back PiFast World Record
  172. Three Radeon 4890 break 3DMark05 World Record
  173. 400.000 Barrier Broken in Aquamark 3
  174. Taiwan on the rise: onepagebook and AndreYang rush into the top 10
  175. Forum change: 'fancy gray' template removed because of vbb issues
  176. 8x CPU Monster System Destroys Wprime 1024m World Record
  177. 48 core CPU Monster System Destroys Wprime 1024m World Record
  178. Apache webserver issues
  179. hwbot server maintenance: performance issues resolved
  180. Futuremark Patches 3DMark03, 3DMark05, 3DMark06, 3DMark Vantage, PCMark05
  181. Team OCX new #1, beats Hellas OC Team.
  182. Team OCX new #1, beats Hellas OC Team.
  183. Onepagebook Lifetime Ban at HWbot
  184. Things Not To Do When You Are On Holiday: Update HWBot Code
  185. Top benchers make a statement in ES discussion
  186. Live stream MOA EU 2009 (pictures - OC/TV) - Updated
  187. Hwbot competition engine, HCE 1.0, sneak preview!
  188. 605 Cup Holding AMD Specialist Joins HWbot Crew
  189. hwbot server maintenance
  190. hwbot development - down for maintenance
  191. hwbot development - down for maintenance
  192. hwbot new features
  193. hwbot new features
  194. Technical issue with mysql server causes hickup in rankings
  195. bot forum scanning to be removed as of 1 Octobre, forum posting to be improved
  196. One week left for F1OC competition stage 1: 3DMark Vantage
  197. today's overclocking pictures
  198. icebob wins AMD Phenom II competition
  199. Team EVGA wins 1st stage F1OC: 3DMark Vantage.
  200. HWBot expands hardware database - P55 ready!
  201. Nehalem 3DMark01 challenge open for public
  202. Jabski owns Wprime 32M single core record?
  203. HWBot: Stummerwinter also hits #3 in the overclockers league
  204. HWBot: Keep your eyes on Youngpro for the next couple of days, something is up ...
  205. HWBot: New feature: click discuss icon to discuss submissions, members, teams, hardwa
  206. HWBot report of last month - common trend: addiction
  207. Hardware database gets cleaned up - X58 motherboards updated.
  208. Unreleased technology not applicable for HWBoints.
  209. hwbot: Alibabar passes S_A_V, ex-Hardware King, having 2625 hardware points; still ap
  210. HWBOT goes pro: Massman hired as first fulltime employee.
  211. hwbot: And the K|ng jumps back over Stummerwinter ...
  212. hwbot: Stummerwinter is the new HWBot King!!
  213. It has happened: number 20,000 joined!
  214. Official hwbot page on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/HWBot/148387966274
  215. hwbot: Massmans first day at the bot ... let's hope he doesn't mess up the database
  216. Total domination: Team EVGA also wins second round of F1OC
  217. hwbot: [NEWS] Total domination: Team EVGA also wins second round of F1OC
  218. BBC interviews BenchTec UK
  219. hwbot: Hicookie hits 16877 in 3DMark Vantage with single GTX260 216
  220. Engine Updated: manufacturer, motherboard, chipset pages added.
  221. hwbot: Gunslinger of last month, totalling an insane 572.1 points!
  222. Hwbot drops support for F1OC.
  223. hwbot official facebook and twitter page
  224. HD5870 performance review using HWBot database
  225. HD5870 performance (p)review using HWBot database
  226. USA has most global points, Russia most hardware points
  227. Legacy hardware? Push it to the limit!
  228. hwbot: Overclockers from the Russian Federation as first country over 45,000 points!!
  229. Bloomfield and Wolfdale most popular, Deneb surprisingly fourth.
  230. Alibabar GPU king, Knopflerbruce CPU king.
  231. hwbot: [NEWS] - Alibabar GPU king, Knopflerbruce CPU king.
  232. hwbot: Pro breaks 3D01 record, 136000 has been breached! http://bit.ly/F5qzz
  233. hwbot: engine updated. Some HCE improvements and behind the scene tweaking.
  234. hwbot engine updated: competition throne holder, motherboard hardware awards added.
  235. X48 dead? Fogna and Crustytheclown prove otherwise!
  236. hwbot: X48 dead? Fogna and Crustytheclown prove otherwise! http://bit.ly/K2Ndn
  237. PCMark05 + Core2Duo = Jabski.
  238. Evga X58 SLI Classified most rewarding X58-based motherboard
  239. forums reorganized
  240. Core i5 650 "Clarkdale" (ES) Overclocks to 4.7Ghz on Air Cooling
  241. hwbot: Andre Yang hits 187738 in 3DMark03 with 4x5870
  242. hwbot: Stummerwinter breaks 3DMark06 record and pushes k|ngp|n from the throne!
  243. hwbot: Andre Yang jumps over K|ngp|n and Stummerwinter to place 1
  244. hwbot: Smoke jumps into the Top10 of the Overclockers League
  245. hwbot: How do you like the new frontpage? :)
  246. Belgium winning team at GigaByte TweaKING Fest
  247. short downtime
  248. Athlon 1000Mhz (fsb100) review 'AMD Athlon 1000Mhz Review' at pcstats.com
  249. hwbot: AndreYang breaks overall PCMark05 world record !!
  250. Benny breaks 750MHz FSB !!!