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  1. GIGABYTE technology videos now available with Spanish, Chinese and English sub-titles
  2. Go OC Global Final rules go public
  3. Nick Shih is crowned the champion in the H55 MiniITX Contest!
  4. GIGABYTE Announces GO OC Guess the Winner Contest loads of free stuff to be won
  5. Go OC showgirl selection
  6. GIGABYTE Announces Best 3D Overclocker Contest on HWBOT
  7. A PC configuration that Neptune would like
  8. and just when you think youve seen it all!
  9. GIGABYTE P55-UD6 scales the new RAM OC heights with CAS8
  10. Official Go OC 2010 video advert makes it onto youtube
  11. GIGABYTE Announces Winner of the Search for GIGABYTE Motherboards #1 Biggest Fan Co
  12. Revitalizing an HP Blackbird 002 from 2007 > 2010 in under $1000
  13. GIGABYTE H55 miniITX contest update from HWBOT
  14. GIGABYTE Announces First GO OC Guess the Winner Winner
  15. 3DMARK VANTAGE World Record shamed again by hicookie on the X58A-UD9
  16. Gaming in tight spaces (MIAHALLEN featuring H55N-USB3)
  17. Hardware Zone Awards GA-X58A-UD3R Best Value and 8.5/10
  18. GIGABYTE Again the No.1 Motherboard Sponsor at Asias Largest Gaming Festival ChinaJo
  19. Go OC update: golden tickets and more
  20. Mini-ITX madness bringing on the freeze!
  21. 6.6GHz overclock with the MiniITX monster H55N-USB3!
  22. Sno.lcn wins the North American Go OC 2010 final!
  23. GIGABYTE H55 miniITX contest in full flight at HWBOT.ORG
  24. GIGABYTE P55A-UD7 and Corsair GTX6 RAM = New CAS7 World Record
  25. Go OC, Moon festival and BBQs
  26. GoOC 2010 worldwide final bios release with guide notes!
  27. Youngpro from Team.AU takes the PCMARK 05 & Vantage W.R.s with X58A-UD3R, Areca 1231M
  28. GIGABYTE THROWDOWN competition about to commence on FUTUREMARK website (1st November
  29. 3 days left in the GIGABYTE 2010 Best 3D Overclocker Contest, chew* just posted first
  30. Aussies do it again, PCMARK Vantage world record smashed using the X58A-UD7rev2.0 thi
  31. The OverClocker Magazine is back, UD9 triumphs over R3E in a close battle!
  32. GIGABYTE Announces GA-X58A-UD9 VIP Winner
  33. There can be only one Mini-ITX board, windwithme showing off his GIGABYTE H55N-USB3 b
  34. Corsairs 1200W PSU manages an unbelievable 1489W with a 4-way SLId X58A-UD9
  35. GIGABYTE 2010 Best 3D Overclocker Contest
  36. GIGABYTE Announces Worlds Highest RMA Center in Lhasa, China
  37. GIGABYTE MoboTV videos now available with Japanese sub-titles too
  38. GO OC 2010 WWF aftermovie, top3 interviews and 1300 photos!
  39. GO OC 2010 World Wide Final was a heart-attack invoking affair for Monstru (almost h
  40. And the winners are???
  41. 10 Minutes Left of Competition
  42. 1hour to Go for GO OC
  43. 1 hour, 50 Minutes to go for GO OC Competition
  44. GO OC Setup
  45. More Girls of GO OC
  46. GO OC Officially Begins
  47. GO OC Welcome Show
  48. GO OC Setup 2
  49. GIGABYTE GA-X58A-UD9 Monster Motherboard Receives Best Performance Award from TweakTo
  50. Do It Yourself GIGABYTE H55N-USB3 HTPC case-mod
  51. GIGABYTE GA-H55N-USB3 + Silverstone SC07 get Tech Report Recommend
  52. Polish subtitles now also available with MoboTV videos
  53. GIGABYTE E-Sports Championship goes live, gaming team registrations open now!
  54. and the winner of GIGABYTE 2010 Best 3D Overclocker Contest is FtW from Canada
  55. Entry level GIGABYTE 6-series motherboard pictures and specs make it online
  56. TeamAU smashes PCMARK05 world record with GIGABYTE X58A-UD7(rev2.0)
  57. Gigabyte Core Prime contest just started on HWBOT and its a hit!
  58. A whole lot of UD9 awesomeness!
  59. GIGABYTE & Intel H55 mobo + CPU bundle on Newegg.com
  60. gmeup from OCAU shows off his new rig, X58A-UD9 = check; 4 empty PCI Express slots =
  61. 890FXA-UD7 rev2.1 makes overclockers want to dance from excitement!
  62. Somebodys getting ready for a show down at CES 2011!
  63. Did you see GIGABYTEs 2011 miniature calendar?
  64. GIGABYTE E-Sports Championship 2010 team lineups announced! Online qualifiers on 21st
  65. Paul, the psychic octopus, passed away recently but hes still on fire in heaven!
  66. Jeffery Stephenson takes USB 3.0 to a whole new level
  67. OCAU Article: Inexpensive Greener File-Server Guide (with a MiniITX GA-D525TUD mother
  68. Gigabyte Holiday [H] Give-Away!!!
  69. Argentinian overclocking makes it to national press, featuring the X58A-UD9 watercool
  70. GIGABYTE GA-P67A-UD7 Preview on Bjorn3d
  71. Get Ready for a Showdown at CES
  72. GIGABYTEs Great Wall of Taiwan (International Airport)!
  73. More pictures from the building of GIGABYTEs great wall of Taiwan
  74. In-depth look at GIGABYTEs X58A-UD5 rev2.0, this is a must read, you have not seen a
  75. TweakTown Gets a First Look at the GIGABYTE P67A-UD7 Motherboard
  76. GIGABYTE Showcase New Motherboard Technologies at Computex 2011 Industry Tour
  77. GIGABYTE E-Sports Championship live grand final line-ups announced!
  78. TeamAU is proving unstoppable in PCMARK with yet another world record high in PCMV!
  79. Gigabyte Core Prime Competition, 16 days to go!
  80. GIGABYTE Technology (Australia and New Zealand) partner with Team Immunity
  81. MaJ0r is the new AMD 1M SuperPi World Record holder using a GIGABYTE 790FXTA-UD5 boar
  82. Mad222 from HK starts the AMD MHz war with the fastest ever validation at 7199Mhz wit
  83. GIGABYTE GA-X58-USB3 Motherboard Receives Value Award on Legit Reviews
  84. GIGABYTE X58A-UD9 and H55N-UB3 Featured in Tweak Town Holiday Buyers Guide
  85. LSDMEASAP Breaks 3000MHz Memory Speed with GIGABYTE and Mushkin Memory
  86. Xmas Giveaway Event on PureOC
  87. GIGABYTE and Cooler Master Xmas Giveaway
  88. GA-890FXA-UD5 Featured in Tom's Hardware's 2010 Gift Guide
  89. Getting CloserYou Can Almost Smell the Gunpowder
  90. Jeffery Stephensons Level 12 mod powered by a GIGABYTE H55N-USB3 mobo
  91. P67A-UD7 Most In-Depth Preview/Review, a must read!
  92. Toms Hardware selects GIGABYTEs X58A-UD3R for their System Builder Marathon, Decemb
  93. GIGABYTEs H55N-USB3 Mini-ITX scores an outstanding 9/10 from MaximumPC.com in CyberP
  94. Bit-tech Gets a Sneak Peak at GIGABYTEs New OMG-ATX Form Factor Motherboards
  95. Happy Holidays from GIGABYTE
  96. sdasfaf
  97. Is Sandy Bridge the answer to massmans never ending quest to replace socket 775 plat
  98. nacho_arroyo from Argentina clocks to 6.9Ghz with the UD9
  99. P67A-UD7 is tha gangsta of Sandy Bridge boards says chew*
  100. HWBOT Unigine Heaven overclocking fun today ending with the Xtreme Preset (DX11) Worl
  101. Sandy Bridge is in town! Forum guys showing their new gear, check out this new stealt
  102. GIGABYTE Launches G1-Killer Motherboards at CES
  103. dinos22 plays with new GIGABYTE Sandy Bridge P67A-UD5 with some general OC info
  104. dinos22 plays with new GIGABYTE Sandy Bridge P67A-UD5 with some general OC info
  105. Ultimate Sandy Bridge Overclocking Guide by sin0822
  106. Intel says even your grandma can overclock Sandy Bridge, its that easy!
  107. Whats in the box? Linus does an unboxing video for GIGABYTE P67A-UD4, check it out!
  108. Full range of GIGABYTEs P67 boards support Intel Internal PLL overvoltage in overclo
  109. Argentina to hold its first extreme overclocking competition
  110. C-N from UK hits 5.7GHz on air with P67A-UD5 and i7 2600K
  111. White PCB not for subzero overclocker, matt-black is the best choice says hicookie!
  112. What do you get when you give an overclocker freedom to design a new OC board?
  113. Competition updates, mad222 smashing AMD comp & GIGABYTE P67 are best 3DMARK01 boards
  114. GIGABYTE Hybrid EFI Technology
  115. X58A-OC board, what else is new?
  116. Eldonko from Canada getting close to 5.8GHz with P67A-UD7 & i7 2600K
  117. GIGABYTE Australia donates to Tweaktown QLD flood appeal!
  118. Best female overclocker in the world showing off her P67A-UD7 benchmarks past 5.7Ghz!
  119. Motherboards Based on Intel 6 Series Chipsets - GIGABYTE Acknowledges Intels Alert
  120. Intel 6 series chipset issues - Q&A
  121. SB with 5,8GHz on Gigabyte
  122. Mad222 from Hong Kong wins AMD Highest Clock contest & sets new W.R. frequency at 734
  123. GIGABYTE 6 Series SATA Check Application, tool to help optimise SATA port usage on cu
  124. First sub-10minute 32M SuperPi on AMD done by Mad222 using GIGABYTE 890FXA-UD7!
  125. GIGABYTE 6 Series mobo SATA port chart
  126. Kingston demos new HyperX Black memory with G1.Assassin motherboard and Core i7 990x
  127. Mad222 from Hong Kong showing off his 5.83Ghz i5 2500K on P67A-UD7!
  128. GIGABYTE & LAB501 P67 Overclocking Party on New Years Eve!
  129. OC3D GIGABYTE G1 Assassin Gaming Board First Look
  130. X58A-OC OC Touch feature used to push 990X to 7.1Ghz
  131. Video guide how to update your backup bios on GIGABYTE P67 boards
  132. Sin0822 has an in-depth look at G1 Assassin, check it out!
  133. OC-PEG and OC-Touch on the X58A-OC
  134. Meet the ultimate overclocking motherboard, X58A-OC!
  135. X58A-OC Features In Detail!
  136. hicookie hits 6580Mhz in 1024M Wprime with X58A-OC & 990X
  137. Youngpro from TeamAU does a quick preview and video on OC Touch with X58A-OC, very co
  138. GIGABYTE P67 Sandy Bridge boards still the most efficient in 3DMARK01 by a long way!
  139. New GIGABYTE 6 Series SATA Check utility identifies B2 or B3 stepping chipset
  140. Duck-san from Japan shares his thoughts about Sandy Bridge overclocking!
  141. Tweaktown has a detailed look at X58A-OC with hicookie and Colin discussing features
  142. GIGABYTE G1 KILLER Series Motherboard Features Video!
  143. Youngpro from TeamAU smashes the PCMARK05 World Record with the X58A-OC board!
  144. un bon p4
  145. Hicookie & Hong Kong overclockers have fun with X58A-OC and reach 7146Mhz with 990X
  146. X58A-OC microsite goes live official press release and first looks from internation
  147. X58A-OC microsite is up, quick get in and grab yourself an awesome wallpaper!
  148. Youngpro hits past 6.8GHz pifast with X58A-OC board and talks about 4G OC Touch butto
  149. 5.96GHz Overclock with P67A-UD7 and 2600K lands on HWBOT
  150. Why the X58 platform rather than the P67 for G1-Killer motherboards
  151. X58A-OC results getting out, steponz from USA hits 6.76GHz, triple channel ram in pif
  152. G1 Assassin unboxing video
  153. In depth look at the G1.Assassin by Bjorn3D
  154. Dream PC that even the biggest geeks envy!
  155. OCTV, massman and Colin talk all things X58A-OC!
  156. Tweaktown Aussie Flood Dream System Appeal drew to a close, winner announced!
  157. Pro gamer, Zaccubus of Team Dignitas, previews the G1.Assassin gaming motherboard
  158. HWBOT writes about X58A-OC and long term vision, a must read!
  159. GIGABYTE Australia announced E-Sports Championships 2011 for CALL OF DUTY: BLACK OPS
  160. G1 Killer Assassin performance review by sin0822
  161. SuicidePhoenix approaching worlds top 10 ranking with his golden 2600K and P67A-UD7!
  162. Unboxing of the G1.Sniper at Linus Tech Tips at Over 20,000 Hits
  163. TeamAU livestream OC event coming up this weekend, pencil this one in your diary, a m
  164. Germanys Overclockingstation Gives the Gold to the G1.Assassin
  165. Newegg Bundle Promotion on G1-Killer Series with up to $65 Savings
  166. 1Day from UK looks at the G1 Sniper board!
  167. G1. Assassin rated highly at Futurelooks.com
  168. GIGABYTE Announces 3TB+ Unlock Utility - Enables 32bit Systems without Hybrid EFI Tec
  169. Mad222 shows off the new P67A-UD7-B3 overclocking performance
  170. Bullet92 from Croatia tests the new P67A-UD4-B3 LLC implementation to find its been
  171. GIGABYTE P67 Sandy Bridge boards dominate HWBOT rankings
  172. TeamAU reports on a weekend of overclocking fun with X58A-OC board, lots of records b
  173. zol.com.cn put up the X58A-OC board launch gallery!
  174. GIGABYTE previews Z79A-UD13 MB with 8-way SLI
  175. GIGABYTE H67N-USB3-B3 Impresses Hardware Heaven
  176. GIGABYTE G1 Sniper gets a MUST HAVE Award from Legion Hardware
  177. P67A-UD7-B3 takes 1st place in 20 board Sandy Bridge shootout
  178. Video: Futurelooks unbox E350N-USB3 AMD Fusion Mini-ITX board
  179. G1. Assassin claims Editors Choice Award at TweakTown
  180. Latest Overclocker Mag is out, OC board on the cover!
  181. GIGABYTE On/Off Charge quick-charges iPad 2
  182. P67X-UD3R-B3 known better as little guy punches above its weight with big overclock
  183. Sin0822 gets hands on with the X58A-OC, feels like a kid on Christmas Day
  184. Techspot impressed with P67A-UD7 in 5-way P67 Shootout
  185. Official statement regarding reports of cancelling P67 chipset projects
  186. nacho_arroyo hits 7GHz with the X58A-UD9 and retail 980X, wow!
  187. First Look at GIGABYTEs New Icon-based BIOS
  188. G1. Assassin X58 wins Editors Choice award at Legit Reviews
  189. Sin0822 & Chew* review the X58A-OC, fantastic reads!
  190. Lab501s Monstru likes his X58A-OC board, 6.8GHz overclock with his 990X too, very ni
  191. Monster 3DMARK01 scores on horizon by SuicidePhoenix
  192. dinos22 plays with the new GIGABYTE GTX580SOC
  193. GIGABYTE E-Sports Championships COD:BlackOPS 2011!
  194. Splave takes the lead in HWBOTs GIGABYTE Initial K Contest!
  195. GIGABYTE Touch BIOS logo and application images debut on Facebook
  196. The changed role of USB
  197. GIGABYTE Touch BIOS in Action
  198. nacho_arroyo shows off the power of X58A-OC with 7052MHz OC on a retail 980X
  199. SuicidePhoenix wins GIGABYTE Initial K Contest, crazy finish to the tightest battle on HWBOT yet!
  200. Cool SmartRecovery2 features, software that ships with all GIGABYTE boards!
  201. GIGABYTE Touch BIOS available for download
  202. sin0822 posts a performance review and finds the sexy chip onboard the X58A-OC!
  203. Dinos22 sets new 3D Mark 01 single GPU record using a GIGABYTE P67X-UD3R-B3 motherboard
  204. Dinos22 sets another 3DMark 01 world record with his P67X-UD3R-B3 battler
  205. G1.Assassin first ever mobo to win TAITRA Design and Innovation award
  206. GIGABYTE G1.Assassin Wins Tech Review Sehr Gut Very Good Award
  207. X58A-OC shipping in volume from GIGABYTEs Nanping factory in Taiwan today
  208. G1. Assassin ticks all the right boxes for APC Mag Aussies
  209. Newegg lists X58A-OC in stock!
  210. GIGABYTE to ship bulk of Z68 motherboard shipments in May
  211. Overclockers.com review X58A-OC, give big thumbs up
  212. GIGABYTEs New Z68X-UD7-B3 Deconstructed by Sin0822
  213. The benefits of choosing the mSATA route to Smart Response happiness
  214. The benefits of choosing the mSATA route to Smart Response happiness
  215. GIGABYTE Releases New Version of Touch BIOS
  216. The benefits of choosing the mSATA route to Smart Response happiness
  217. Frank Lloyd Wright Inspired Usonian Casemod Using GIGABYTE Mini-ITX GA-H55N-USB
  218. Motherboards.org unbox Z68X-UD7-B3 on video
  219. HWBOT announced the GIGABYTE Super Tuner Contest !
  220. Perica_Barii from Serbia tests his new X58A-OC with 6982Mhz OC on retail 990X!
  221. Z68X-UD7-B3 takes top prize in Z68 board comparo
  222. G1. Assassin examined in detail by windwithme
  223. Intel Smart Response Introductory Video
  224. Etron earns SuperSpeed USB certification
  225. G1. Assassin adds Best Choice award to Computex accolade haul
  226. XtremeSystems guys spotted some info on the new 990FXA-UD7, shes a looker!
  227. TeamAU 3DMARK01 weekend bench with Z68X-UD4
  228. Where Intel Smart Response fits in the PC spectrum
  229. Where Intel Smart Response fits in the PC eco-system
  230. Tweaktown reviews Z68X-UD3H and makes an interesting observation!
  231. GIGABYTE and Intel offer exclusive motherboard + mSATA SLC SSD bundle
  232. Another retail 990X hits 7GHz with X58A-OC!
  233. GIGABYTE at Computex 2011
  234. GIGABYTE Launches Exclusive EZ Smart Response Utility
  235. Tones OC Academy Edition 2011
  236. Watch PcCI2iminal play 4WAY SLI with 990FXA-UD7!
  237. A one-on-one look around the GIGABYTE VIP meeting rooms at Computex
  238. OBR from Czech Republic takes the 3DMARK11 single card world record!
  239. GIGABYTE EZ Smart Response Now Available for Download
  240. Gigabyte AMD A-Series Motherboards Spotted at Computex 2011
  241. nacho_arroyo breaks the 1024M 6core world record with a retail Core i7 980X & X58A-OC!
  242. TeamAU & PC PowerPlay Magazine OC Workshop in Sydney!
  243. Upgrade Your Nanosuit, Upgrade Your Rig Sweepstakes
  244. Hardware Canucks looks at X58A-OC, a must read!
  245. So what is an APU?
  246. Win a G1.Assassin Board on our new Super4 Facebook Competition
  247. Socket AM3+ hits the mainstream with 25 AMD FX-ready boards
  248. Coming Soon: Heart-stopping Graphics!
  249. Z68, Newer Better Faster
  250. IGP performance world record smashed on overclocked GIGABYTE Llano motherboard