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And the fact, which few persons will dispute

Posted 10-25-2010 at 02:09 by jeansale
And the fact, which few persons will dispute, that in our actual family life there is found, quite irrespective of distinctions of class and differences of wealth, every possible gradation of happiness and misery, of vulgarity and refinement, of folly and wisdom, of G-stars genial sense G-star outlet and fantastic absurdity, is a sufficient answer to those who talk of the monotony of married life as an objection to its fitness for yielding materials for poetry. In real truth, there is much more monotony in courtship than in marriage. A sort of spasmodic, and, to spectators well acquainted with the parties, a somewhat comical G star amiability is the general mask under which the genuine features of the G star jeans character are hidden. Moreover, the ordinary interests of life become throughout G star raw that period comparatively insipid; and lovers are proverbially stupid and tiresome to every one but themselves. No doubtthis has its compensating advantage for the poet, who transforms his readers into G-star the lovers for the time being; but it certainly gives monotony to all manifestations of the passion in this its spring-time, which is not found in the same passion when the character has recovered from the first shock, and life, with all its interests, again enters into the heart, but invested with new charms and higher responsibilities, and with the deeper, fuller affections, swelling in a steady current through the pulses.So much for those more obvious objections that may in great measure account for the almost universal rejection of married love as a theme for poetry. We do not care to argue against any one who says, much less any one who thinks, that it is only young men Skechers shoes and women who are interesting. Even with respect to mere sensuous beauty, it is a great absurdity to suppose that its splendor and charm aro confined to two or three years of early womanhood. " Beaucoup de femmes de trente ans," says a shrewd French writer, after enumerating the supposed attractions of youth in women, "ont conserve ces avantages; beaucoup de femmes de dixhuit ans ne les ont plus ou ne les ont jamais eu."[/b]
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