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My OC Gear (Special, Rigs, Laptops)

Posted 04-26-2009 at 21:13 by Turrican
Updated 12-03-2010 at 21:12 by Turrican (links updated)
Last but not least some special pics form my other stuff i got.

My 2 Laptops i also benched.

Cheap Laptop with a Conroe Celeron and a Intel GMA950 onboard video card.

My "Beast" with a Geforce 7950GTX GO and a "Merom" T5600 in it

Special Gear, my Voltcraft K102 for messuring the Temps of my Cascade/Single Stage and OCZ DDR Booster.

Old Socket A System for older Retro Games. The Epox 8rda6+ Pro is also a nice motherboard based on the nforce 2 chipset.
Cpu is a 1.4Ghz T-Bird. Video Card is a Geforce 3 in there. ram are 3x 256mb samsung pc3200 ones.

The 2nd Socket a system with a xp3200+ and a msi k7n2 delta board.
this ones got a radeon x1650pro agp in it. as ram there's a 1gb kit of bh-5 in it and one corsair 256mb bh-5 stick.

My server:
It's running with 3x 1TB HDDs and my dfi nforce 4 ultra-d + Athlon 64 FX-57 in it.
It's my Athlon 64 Tribute System.
Ram are a 1GB Kit of Mushkin Redline (BH-5 what else)
Video Card is a pasive cooled Radeon HD2400 Pro.

The next few weeks i'll move it out of the Case for some Athlon 64 benching.
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... now show your cooling equipment
Posted 04-27-2009 at 11:47 by tiborrr tiborrr is offline
Turrican's Avatar
hehe hi

yeah, in the next blog update i'll show my cooling gear,
Posted 04-27-2009 at 17:38 by Turrican Turrican is offline
Hyperhorn's Avatar

Keep pushing it :)

C`mon buddy, don`t spend your whole money for hardware. Safe some for a new heater, yours look stricken (Pic with MSI K7N2 Delta). Next winter will be a cold one, I can feel it. But maybe that`s an advanced tactics: Broken heater for better room temperature overlocking-wise. j/k
Posted 04-27-2009 at 17:41 by Hyperhorn Hyperhorn is offline
SArd's Avatar
Geforce 7950GTX GO - Hot video?
Posted 04-27-2009 at 19:11 by SArd SArd is offline
Turrican's Avatar
that was a "slight" accident few years ago

altough the 7950gtx go is clocked a little bit lower as the desktop 7900gtx is has the full specs of the desktop card.
the performance is also not that bad.
Posted 04-28-2009 at 15:33 by Turrican Turrican is offline
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