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Blizzard filed for a trademark for Mists of Pandaria at the United States Trademark

Posted 08-12-2011 at 03:35 by goldteam
The author:Agnes
The submission date:August 12, 2011

According to several gaming news sites, Blizzard, makers of Warcraft, Diablo, and StarCraft game franchises, filed a trademark application stating that it intends to use the Mists of Pandaria name in computer game software, computer game discs, interactive multimedia computer game program and other entertainment services.

The trademark filing for Mists of Pandaria started a rumor within the World of Warcraft (WoW) gaming communities that Mists of Pandaria will be the next World of Warcraft expansion.

Rumors also circulated that the Pandaren, humanoid panda-looking adventurers from the Pandarian Empire will play a major role in this new WoW expansion.

GameSpy Network contacted Blizzard representatives to validate the Mists of Pandaria rumors but got no definite answers.

“Thanks for reaching out to us,” Blizzard replied when asked for comment by GameSpy.com. “We appreciate your interest in our trademark filings, but we’re not ready to reveal any details at this time.”

Blizzard released their newest World of Warcraft Cataclysm expansion last December 2010.

They also announced last year that their World of Warcraft MMORPG reached 12 million active subscribers.

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It can be very annoying when you get lost in WoW

Posted 07-19-2011 at 09:57 by goldteam
Running around and trying to find your way can be frustrating---especially when you run into some mobs. Although the map and in-game [[url=http://www.bookwowgold.com]wow gold[/url]] mods can be helpful, they're not always enough to get you through one quest to the next. This is why you should get a good World of Warcraft guide. Getting one is essential if you want to be an elite player.

It's always important to get a good walkthrough guide for any game. Since WoW is HUGE and massive, getting help wherever you can get it is extremely crucial. You can play for many months and still not be at level 80. Since there are so many zones to explore, and thousands of quests to go through, you will need to learn all the short-cuts if you want to power level up as quickly as possible.

You can always ask a high level player to assist you, but you still need to learn on your own. You can't have your hand held 24/7 when playing World of Warcraft! If you want to be a top player yourself someday, you're going to have to level up yourself. After you get to level 65+, you can pretty much run around and do whatever you want. Wouldn't it be nice to have an advantage over the majority of other players?

Being at a high level in WoW gives you a better advantage of farming for gold. You will get around more quickly with your epic mount. You will be eligible for higher level quest from which you will receive tons of gold. As for PVP, the only other players you'll have to worry about are other level 70-80's!

In order get that far into the game, however, you are going to need the best Warcraft guides possible. While there are plenty of tips online, none offer the secrets that only the top players know. If you want such secrets, you're going to have to check out one of the following:

Nyhm's WoW Guide
Joana's Horde 1-60 Guide, Outland Walkthrough, & 70-80 Guide
Dugi's Ultimate WoW Guide
Zygor's World of Warcraft Guides (For both Horde & Alliance)

If you play for Horde, than Joana's guides are especially designed for you, although you can benefit from the other 3 as well. If you [url=http://www.diablobuyer.com]diablo 3 gold[/url] play Alliance, then any of the other 3 will be a great choice.

So, what do these 4 offer that others don't? They offer a lot more than the typical "fluff" associated with so-called WoW "leveling and gold guides". It's in your best interest to learn as many secrets as you can so that you can whisk through all the leveling as quickly as possible. These guides offer questing tips that will help you level up without having to do any grinding!

Another great thing about Nyhm's, Joana's, Zygor's, & Dugi's World of Warcraft guides is that they feature in-game mods that will take you through one quest to the next. Yes, you can actually get an IN-GAME WALKTHROUGH so that you don't have to minimize the window any to visit Thotbot.

Want gold? Well, you will learn all the secrets to gold making in addition to leveling and questing. You will learn how to pick the right professions,level them up, and make gold with them. Also, you will receive video tutorials on how to make the best of the auction house in World of Warcraft.
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Guillermo del Toro Developing Interdimensional RPG Epic

Posted 11-12-2010 at 09:30 by goldteam
Guillermo del Toro is rumored to [Url=http://www.wow-gold-team.com]buy wow gold[/Url] develop to be setting up a videogame sequence along the lines of Mass Effect.

Movie director, writer, and producer Guillermo del [Url=http://www.wowruler.com]wow gold[/Url] Toro loves videogames so an amazing offer that he's developing his own. Del Toro hasn't produced an standard announcement yet, but we do know he's obtained huge strategies for just about any sequence that will can be found away from THQ in 2-3 years, and that it'll have horror [Url=http://www.itaonan.com]cheapest wow gold[/Url] elements. although an announcement could possibly be produced at this year's Spike tv film online game Awards in December, details competencies a method of leaking out early, as may possibly be the circumstance with some particulars by making use of the lasting reveal.

If an anonymous supply at MMOMFG "close toward the project" may possibly [Url=http://www.850329.com]game news[/Url] be believed, del Toro has founded out to create the subsequent huge RPG trilogy. The supply confirms that del Toro visited THQ subsidiary Volition this week, the studio at the [Url=http://www.only4wowgold.com]wow gold[/Url] rear of Saint's Row and red-colored Faction.

Del Toro's RPG trilogy is stated to develop to be "along the lines of Mass Effect," BioWare's sci-fi RPG epic. The plot is [Url=http://www.ffxigil-us.com]ffxiv gil[/Url] rumored to revolve near to interdimensional travel, with game fanatics tasked to holiday by making use [Url=http://www.flywowgold.com]cheap wow gold[/Url] of portals and near them.

When del Toro stated that his online game sequence can be "horror," I'm particular most people's minds went to [Url=http://www.techeden.info]technology[/Url] one thing closer to Resident Evil. If this rumor rings true, also it certainly could turn out not to, del Toro is placing with one another one thing additional [Url=http://www.wowgold-use.com]buy wow gold[/Url] along the lines of lifeless space with some Elder Scrolls: Oblivion mixed in. In my opinion, lifeless space as well as Mass effect equals good. We'll see once the supply is right, or only a damn liar, subsequent month.

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