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So, it is friday today isn't it

Bulldozer Conditioner R1.00B

The checksum (MD5) for the zip file is: 418522A93F241CF14EB1D775839AB083
If the checksum does not match the package has been tampered with = delete and re-download from another location.
The checksum can be calculated online if you don't have a suitable software on your computer.

There is not a single bit of malicious code either in the driver or the software itself.
If you are unsure, please check the contents with

Supported OS: Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8* (32 & 64-bit)
* Not tested

The x86 version works in both 32 & 64-bit operating systems, while the x64 version is 64-bit only.
The functionality itself is identical between the versions.

Known limitations: Up to 16 CUs (32 cores) supported at the moment. Support for 32CUs (64 cores) will be added in the next version.

Also the R1.00B (Beta) version does not contain the feature to patch the microcode block as I could not make it work stable enough.

The "Errata Fix" button will fix the major errata which can be patched without updating the microcode.
This feature should not be used as a permanent solution, the bios update should still be used as a primary method (updated AGESA + microcode).

Note: Enabling "Zambezi Stack Special (PD)" feature might cause undefined behavior, however each user should test it's functionality on their own. Some applications might indicate a minor r.e.t.a.r.d.a.tion (god damn "specialbunnyaction") in performance, however SuperPI for example receives a nice boost.

Note: "x87 instruction (NRAC) block" -> Enabled means that the instruction is blocked (default on all 15h family APU/CPU/NPUs). Disabling it make the SuperPI "a bit" faster.

There are most certainly some bugs, so in case you come across one, please report them to this thread.
The experiences are very welcome also.

No it is time for the midsummer parties so I might be away for a day or two.
Depending on how epic the headache shall be

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