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Back again.

Some of the users have been asking why the "Errata Fix" feature doesn't work (i.e. "Fix required" stated even after the Fix button has been pressed). The feature itself is working fine, however I forgot to add a check in the GUI. Also some claims that the software is wrong when it states that the microcode is outdated has emerged.


A small update: Bulldozer Conditioner R1.01B

Original package checksum (MD5): C3C4E3492B3FBFE1079AE5D57C25172B


- Added a hardware flag to indicate that the errata has been fixed.
- Changed the way how the software is accessing the cores, the tasks are completed quicker than before
- An APU specific bug fixed
- Added information about the most recent microcode and AGESA versions under Info menu.
- Some small changes to the GUI
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