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Default Re: Reference RX480 support

Ok, fixed bios here:atiflash rx480 ln2. Run the approperiate .bat file as administrator to flash your card.

  • Increased power limit to 150W (225W with +50%)
  • GPU Voltage adjustment up to 1.4V in GPUTweakII
  • Increased power limit to 150W (225W with +50%)
  • Current and power reporting is half so power limit is actually up to 450W
  • GPU Voltage adjustment up to 2.0V in GPUTweakII
  • Fixed clock frequency at all times
  • Fixed at PCIE 3.0 at all times
  • Thermal reporting disabled (cold slow fix), be very careful and make sure you have good cooling for the GPU since there's no over temperature protection any more.

On the card I tested I had coldbug at -155*C, but it works fine above that even cold boot. It's a bit similar to GTX1080 when it comes to voltage and doesn't seem to like much more than 1.3-1.4V. I could run higher but it didn't gain me any frequency. For example I don't get display output if I try to POST with above 1.3V. The biggest obstacle is however the Crimson driver which saves your clock frequency each time you set it (even from GPUTweakII) which means you'll be booting with high frequencies. I could go into the OS with 1.3V set using eVc at 1700MHz core which helped a lot when benching this card. Similarly as with POST I would lose the display output if I tried to enter the os with above 1.3V.

Originally Posted by flanker View Post
memory (frequency) up, memory up
It's just a test on ln2 to check issues etc. I'll leave the proper scores to you guys.

Originally Posted by deeper_blue View Post
1.5V ! And I was already scared when I put 1.2V for GPU-PI on it. Awesome work!
Thanks man.
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