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Default Re: Ryzen 1800X - Instant system crash when running sequence of FMA3 instructions. Request for verification.

Originally Posted by flanker View Post
Its clear, seems too high voltage...Its possible this voltage is for XFR/turbo. You can try disable turbo in BIOS and try the test again and watch your voltage/temps
1800X is hot chip with voltage, 1700 or 1700X have lower temps with same voltage.
There's no option to disable XFR or turbo in my BIOS. I don't trust CPUz's vcore reading since it is clearly too high and it conflicts with AI Suite. These are at stock settings, so it shouldn't getting anywhere near 1.5 anyway.

When I use AI Suite to manually downclock, it seems to disable both the XFR and the turbo and it holds the frequency steady at 2.2 GHz. The vcore seems to stay at a static 1.35 (under load) according to AI Suite. Again CPUz jumps all the over place to as high as 1.550.

But that's beside the point. It really shouldn't be crashing at stock settings - let alone downclock. Which is why I'm looking for more people to test this on different motherboards and from different manufacturers.

So far I have 3 positive confirmations (crash), and zero negative confirmations (did not crash).

The crashes have these setups - all running at stock and/or underclocked.
  1. 1800X + Asus Prime B350M-A (BIOS 0502)
  2. 1700 + Asus Prime B350M-A (BIOS ???)
  3. 1700 + Asus CrossHair

The unanswered questions that I want to know are:
  1. Specific to my setup? No - Confirmed by two other people.
  2. Specific to Asus mobos or an immature BIOS? If so, can it be fixed with a later BIOS?
  3. Is this an issue with Windows?
  4. Is this a CPU errata? (I hope not - however unlikely it might be.)

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