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Default Re: GPUPI - SuperPI on the GPU

If anyone is up for testing a hot of the press GPUPI version, you can download it here: GPUPI 3.0
  • Supports calculations with mixed APIs like AMD Radeon on OpenCL and NVIDIA on CUDA.
  • Detection of clock frequencies with integrated HWiNFO library.
  • Full support for CUDA 9.1 including various performance improvements!
  • Early support for OpenCL 2.0, currently no changes in performance.
  • CUDA + Titan V is now a full win. Try it and get your gold cup! BIG thx to Joe "the slacker" Steponz for letting me into his rig.
  • Submission to is now encrypted via https.
  • Screenshots are now mandatory to help with the moderation of scores.
  • Improved device detection for AMD Radeon cards by a lot
  • Bugfix for result file validation
  • No HPET timer necessary for approved platforms. That is currently: Skylake, Kaby Lake, Kaby Lake X and Skylake X
  • Memory Reduction greatly optimized for CUDA (uses Warp Shuffling, if available)
  • Added a new Reduction Size: 1024
  • New settings checkbox: "Run Confirmation" - you can now deliberately enable or disable the message box before each run.
  • Brand new command line mode via GPUPI-CLI.exe


    => GPUPI-CLI.exe -h ... Help
    => GPUPI-CLI.exe -l ... List all available devices
    => GPUPI-CLI.exe -d 1B -g -a CUDA -b 20M -r 512 ... 1B on all CUDA graphics cards
    => GPUPI-CLI.exe -d 1B -g -a OpenCL -b 20M -r 512 ... 1B on all OpenCL graphics cards
    => GPUPI-CLI.exe -d 100M -c -b 10M -r 128 ... 100M on all CPUs and APIs available in the system (can take a while)

After some testing it will be officially announced. Early feedback is appreciated though.

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