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Default Re: Why is Ryzen 8 core against FX CPU's??

FX is 8 cores, they're just 8 slow cores. A 4c/8t CPU can on paper get as much work done when fed by 4 heavy threads as when fed by 8, an FX fed by 4 heavy threads is probably about ~40% unused. As I understand it the point of CMT was not to be in any way similar to SMT, but just to be a slightly more economical way to scale out core count.

It's sad to see what's ultimately the end of FX in regular competitions, IMO it's a really fun platform, but hopefully some solace can be taken in the fact that its contemporaries - sandy and ivy - are also pretty much irrelevant. Hopefully at some point in the future FX - or AM3 - will get a Div7 round and that 8320 will come in handy
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