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Default Re: Why is Ryzen 8 core against FX CPU's??

Clustered multi threading is designed to be used with RISC coding as found in games consoles and the old Amiga's, unfortunatley PC games are not written in that architecture or the CMT is far faster than SMT which requires all of the code to be written each time for each thread. The idea of clustered multi threading is to cut down the amounts of repeated instructions needed to execute code it was invented in the 70's by someone at IBM. It's the reason why games consoles have better gaming performance clock for clock than PC's.

As all PC programs are written for SMT it causes queing on cores that are waiting for the full set of instructions, FX cpu's are genuine cores but certain instruction sets are shared which causes the problems. In the PS4 & Xbox the coding is ideal for those CPU's, an Intel with SMT would be nowhere at console clock speeds with games coded for clustered multi threads.

If someone creates a CMT benchmark the FX would be top everytime (well maybe not against ThreadRipper etc).
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