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Default Re: 980Ti on Windows XP

Originally Posted by FireKillerGR View Post

In the future, for anyone who might be interested, this is the "universal" guide that can be used:

To add upcoming cards, the Device ID can be found on GPUZ. So instead of 17C8 for 980 ti, just grab ID from GPUZ and add it on the nv4_dispi as mentioned above by Elmor.

in that guide it has 2 steps, I see how to add the device ID from the example inf above, but there is a second part for adding support to the OS. Is that step necessary. Can I use this exact line that I found in the example inf and add to the OS section of the inf I am modding?

%NVIDIA_DEV.17C8% = Section008, PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_17C8
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