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Default Re: Gamers Nexus Shunt Mod Guide for NVIDIA Titan V

LOL... "sh!tty committee meeting adjourned!"
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Default Re: Gamers Nexus Shunt Mod Guide for NVIDIA Titan V

Originally Posted by buildzoid View Post
Shorting the shunts with liquid metal is Roman's idea: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c2_UjhMHU5o&t=235s

Unfortunately no one in the GN team has any expirience soldering anything so I told them if they want to push the card more they should just use liquid metal because that's easy to do and remove.

My prefered way of dealing with Nvidia's power monitoring circuitry is to completely disconnect the INA3221s from the shunts and then use some resistors to feed 12V and 11.995V into the INA3221's inputs. That way the card thinks it's always pulling 36W or whatever.
Don't need to disconnect the INA 3221, but add one resistor for each capacitor near the chip (there are 3).
So, the card will not understand and thing there are less than normal, and so, will give the wall for Power Limit.
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