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Angry Nvidia GTX 980Ti Power limits

Hello, guys!

Hope you are doing well.

Recently I bought a 980Ti and I wanted to push it to the limit. However, I did not realize that the card was sandbagged so much by the factory power limit. It's stupid.

So... I am aware of the "shunt resistor and liquid metal" power mod, however, since I do not care about the warranty, my plan was to solder 10 ohm variable resistors on top of the shunts.

This however, brings up some concerns... Since the shunts are pretty beefy, I am wondering if passing the current through the potentiometer will damage it?

I used to do power mods on old cards, but these newer ones look quite tricky to do...

Could somebody shed some light on how can I push this card to the limit? Will the potentiometer stuff i mentioned above work?

Any help is appreciated... I can provide high resolution photos of the PCB if someone is curious.

Thank you.

I like computers and stuff.

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Default Re: Nvidia GTX 980Ti Power limits

Se here to understand how the power limit are set on nvidia card or check any @Tin post about: http://forum.kingpincooling.com/show...14&postcount=3

In few words applying liquid metal on top of these shunt is not the best way to do it.
The power consumption IC actually read the voltage drop on these shunts to calculate the power consumption.
The good way to do it is as @Tin explain, is to go change the voltage drop actually read by the IC to lower the power consumption without triggering the card low clocks bug.
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Default Re: Nvidia GTX 980Ti Power limits

How about bios mod? Hassle free, fast solution.
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