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Old 09-13-2016
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Default Need Feedback: New Benchmark Points Allocation

Green: Has Points
Red: Doesn't have points
Light Green: Will get points
Orange: Will loose points
Grey: "Socket points"
Blue: "Legacy points"

Originally Posted by 1 - What started it all
It's the first draft. It's not final, just gives a general idea:
Originally Posted by 2 - Introduction of Legacy points as per suggestion
If we were to introduce legacy points, here is how it would look:
Two possibilities:
Would work like Global points (with 100 pts cap?) and only 1x GPU. But count as Legacy points, not global points.
Year long running legacy competition. Points contributing to ranking in real time (also 100 pts cap per bench?).
Originally Posted by 3 - Points everywhere
Another option would be to give global points to pretty much all benchmarks and you bench what you want. Still limited to Top 15.
Originally Posted by 4 - Season
Okay, that's the latest I came up with.

The ideas behind are based on your feedback:
- Dont kill legacy
- Reduce cost of competitive OC
- "I want to live in 2008 again"
- Balance 2D/3D
- Revive interest/XOC

Points wise:
Based on what has been discussed before, some benchmark loose globals and others gain globals.
WR points removed from 2D. WR points will be used for 3D to reward "4way hard work"
GP Multiplier TBD (revised every year based on popularity, problems, verification, scaling)

League wise:

The "All-time" ranking where league points: Top20 GP/WR + Top40 HP
(basically like now with more subs and without competition points)

The "Season" ranking:
This is the "interesting" and main one.
Basically this ranking is reset every year (or past 12months) and only competition points count.
The main competition will be the Challenger series (focus on current gen):
7 Divisions (i7 HEDT, i7 DT, i5, i3, AMD FX, AMD APU, "Special")
Each division has 5 stages.
3 rounds per year (2 months long, two months break)
One overclocker can join only one division per round. He is not allowed to compete in multiple division per round nor change division during the same round.
He is allowed to change division from one round to another.
Division winner wins 250 points (points distribution TBD).

On the side there will be a couple of themed ranked competitions (focus on everything else):
- Legacy benchmarks
- Low end
- Legacy hardware
- Old School
- Legacy GPU with new gen CPU
- Modding required
- Whatever comes to mind that could be "fun"
(Points distribution TBD (something like 50pts per comp winner)
2 to 3 stages per competition max

Again, it's not definitive, some tweaking can be done.
It is now time to hide

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Default Re: Need Feedback: New Benchmark Points Allocation

Bugged XTU gets WR points. Perfect.............and consistent.

Also, I see no reason to strip HW points from PCM04.

Warp9-systems, the Antichrist of competitive benchmarking.
Loved by thousands, hated by millions.

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Old 09-13-2016
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Default Re: Need Feedback: New Benchmark Points Allocation

Pifast, SPi1M and wP32 to lose globals. Whoa!! Makes sense though, they are becoming very short benches on the latest gen.

wP1024 to lose WR.

More details on Globals for ref freq, please


3D01, 3D03, 3D05, 3D06 and AM3 lose globals.
3D03 also loses WR

3DVantage to lose WR and globals? Wasn't expecting both to lose out yet.

3D11-P loses WR and Global, but 11-X gains them.

Same with FS -> FS-U

Uni 11 loses WR

I think i'm ok with this, in terms of 3D, it's very close to how I split the benches for benching ....but I split it that way because I think it's sensible
Originally Posted by Hondacity View Post
i believe in K404! :P

I do not believe in 1st place by any means, at any cost.

Originally Posted by der8auer View Post
Knowing workarounds to get a benchmark to run is not a skill. It's a combination of knowledge and wasting time.

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Old 09-13-2016
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Default Re: Need Feedback: New Benchmark Points Allocation

I would quit instantly

No legacy 3Ds means playground only for 6950X and titans. We need to be able to do 3D with 4C CPUs!

Also many legacy 2D loose points in favour of very heavy multithreaded ones. How many encoding benchmarks do we need?
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Default Re: Need Feedback: New Benchmark Points Allocation

From "HW masters" point of view it seems ok.
Globals in rev7 will be pretty much unobtainable for non-LN2 people... so I don't really care about that.

I can see only one benchmark dedicated to video encoding... and that one is my favorite. :P
Nice to see it is getting points.
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Old 09-13-2016
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Default Re: Need Feedback: New Benchmark Points Allocation

wow that is very surprising to see all 3d from 3d01 all the way to 3dmark firstrike lose globals.

I was just getting into learning how to tweak them. And like Sofos and Rauf said it helps even the playing field. Allowing us to bench 3d with a 4 core, sometimes even 2 core cpu and not needing the top gpu. This is like the only thing saving 3d, imagine if we didnt have legacy, the only thing to bench for globals would be titan x.

Also does this mean since "light green" means will get points. That all those 3d globals will be removed once this is put in place and we will still be waiting to enable the new 3d benches for points?

Just a suggestion but it might be easier to read when you do a new draft if you just use, Yes, No, Soon, Lose.

For us burnt people I keep forgetting what colors mean what, haha.

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Old 09-13-2016
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Default Re: Need Feedback: New Benchmark Points Allocation

Is the goal to make 3D actually require the graphics to be over clocked? If so this will achieve that, I think heaven is scaling though but I don't have anything better than 980 to try.

Can we get some of these junk cpu benches removed and have legacy be considered 2D points?
Originally Posted by oc_windforce View Post
you are pi-machine....
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Default Re: Need Feedback: New Benchmark Points Allocation

I am retiring. The most scaling fun benchmarks are removed, and left with the epic potato ones. More explanation below:

Despite the fact I agree to remove points from some benchmarks like AM3, cause HWBOT wrapper killed it (only because of this wrapper!) from like 2012? I can't bench it, always bunnyextraction efficiency and always Kangaroos have special tweak for the wrapper, and I agree some other benchmarks to remove WR points for stupid servers which should be banned in the first place, killing Vantage (^^), 05, 06, 03, 01 which are fun and scaling with tweaking and clocks (well sure 05, 06 mostly with cpu clocks) it's funny.

PIFAST is scaling with each architecture so far, and in SPI 1M Mad almost got WR, I am sure Kabylake will get it, so why to ban this?

Instead of banning good 3DMarks, totally ban this nature abolishment which is HWBOT PRIME, the most epic failure benchmark in history which is just bunnying lucky run and it's harder to take screenshot than actually run it.

XTU WR points encourage servers or 6950X cpus which I all vote to ban totally from points CAUSE IT'S TOO EXPENSIVE!

and now the most funny:

ASUS Polish Overclocking Championship 2010 #1st
MSI MOA 2012 EMEA - #1st
MSI MOA 2012 WW FINALS - #7th
ASUS Open Overclocking Cup AOOC 2012 - #1st
MSI MOA 2013 EMEA Qualifier - #2nd
ASUS Open Overclocking Cup AOOC 2013 - #3rd
MSI MOA 2013 WW FINALS - #3rd
Galaxy GOOC 2013 Finals - #12th
HyperX OC Takeover HOT Final CES 2014 - #1st
G.skill OC World Cup 2014 - #3rd
HyperX OC Takeover HOT 2014 Computex - #1st
Intel OC Challenge Computex 2014 - #1st
MSI MOA 2014 WW Finals - #12th
ASUS Open Overclocking Cup AOOC 2014 -#2nd
Galaxy GOOC 2014 Finals -#4th
HyperX OC Takeover HOT Final CES 2015 - #1st
G.skill OC World Cup 2015 - #5

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Default Re: Need Feedback: New Benchmark Points Allocation

I will quit too. No way that im going to buy a platform for new benches 3d......i spent alot without that!!

U can make another category: rich/sponsored, and poor/extreme.

But rich/sponsored should no bench against poor

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Default Re: Need Feedback: New Benchmark Points Allocation

Well, seems like HWBOT wants to kill HWBOT...

Giving points to more bugged HWBOT benchmarks (WR points for XTU, globals for HWBOT x265, two bugged benchmarks), taking out globals for all old 3DMarks and UHE, giving globals for 3 Catzilla benchmarks, (I should only give for 1440p and 4K, not 1080p), and how much people benchs PCMark 7 to give it points?

Why dont you make some bugged 3d HWBOT benchs and give them lot of points? That would help to finally kill HWBOT that seems that is what the staff is looking for

Facebook page: Alan_Alberino OC
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