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EK-WB Blog: Can a Water Block Really Boost AMD Vega Performance?

When it comes to overclocking modern day systems, the best option for a truly stable, high-performance build is often custom water cooling. EK-WB are company that specialize in making custom cooling sets and accessories that make it easier than ever to setup your own custom cooled rig. They are also trying to make a case for the actual science behind water cooling, especially in the case of water cooling your GPU, one component that certainly needs all the cooling it can get (especially now that AMD?s Vega has arrived). Atila Gobor and Niko Tivadar from EK did some real world testing and produced a blog post that states the case for using a water block on your AMD Vega GPU to help it reach its full potential:

With the launch of new AMD Radeon Vega GPUs, there was some fresh life pumped into the graphics card market. Things got exciting once again, we had new GPUs to talk about, and this seems like a perfect opportunity to revisit a fairly common question. Will liquid cooling improve your GPU performance? Thermal throttling is a real thing and thermal sensors are being implemented in all modern CPU and GPU to prevent any damage to the chip in case of overheating. A safety feature like this is mandatory since coolers can fail, fans can get blocked, heatsinks can be incorrectly mounted by user error etc.

So we are going to revisit the subject of efficient cooling with an example of a full cover water block and its effect on the performance of a high-end desktop graphics card. So to get you up to speed really quick, we will just show you some 4K and 8K Unigine Superposition benchmark results with an air cooled AMD Radeon RX Vega 64 8GB and benchmark results while liquid cooling and overclocking the same GPU. First off, the 4K test results.

Of course, when tech companies publish a blog it invariably comes under the blanket term ?marketing?. Nonetheless, this blog post from EK offers some solid science to back up the claims of their product, which at the end of the day, in this case is designed specifically for overclocking graphics cards. What?s not to like?

Sep 7, 2017 - article - ekwb.com
Old 09-07-2017
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Default EK-WB Blog: Can a Water Block Really Boost AMD Vega Performance?

Is a full cover water block the answer to getting the most from AMD's Vega?

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Old 09-09-2017
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IT's a nice article. They sent me a waterblock for RX Vega and I'm going to test much of the same stuff they already did, but going to be interesting nonetheless.
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