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HWBOT Unigine Heaven Benchmark HWBOT's first own benchmark application using the Unigine Heaven engine ...

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Old 10-16-2017
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Default VEGA 56 being detected as a VEGA 64

Got a score on a Vega 56 using a Vega 64 Liquid edition BIOS(has more Vcore than stock BIOS). Unigine thinks my V56 is a V64.

A BIOS flashed V56 still has only 3584 shaders not the 4096 that a 64 has you can see that in GPUz window in screenshot.

Here's the score: buildzoid`s Unigine Heaven - Xtreme score: 6186.81 DX11 Marks with a Radeon RX Vega 64

I've edited the submission to be V56 but still this should be fixed or the VEGA rankings are gonna be a massive mess.
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Default Re: VEGA 56 being detected as a VEGA 64

Same Device ID, same subsystem Device ID, same driverstring. Its very hard if not impossible to distinguish between those cards for the hwbot API. I hope that everyone finds the edit button after submitting. Given that its a low participation category it luckily wont affect too much people.
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