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Dhenzjhen (Philippines) Breaks GPUPI 1B and 32B World Records with 10x Nividia Tesla GPUs

Today we bring you news of a pair of new World Record scores in the GPUPI 1B and 32B benchmarks. Both scores were submitted by Filipino overclocker Dhenzjhen who is clearly having plenty of fun with a new server build that involves ten Nvidia Tesla GPUs and a pair of deca-core Intel ?Broadwell-EP? Xeons processors.

The World Record score for the GPUPI 1B benchmark now stands at 1sec 458ms. The rig that Dhenzjhen used featured two Intel Xeon E5-2689 v4 processors, each of which boast ten Broadwell cores and twenty threads. That?s a total of 40 treads. Not bad. On the GPU side of things, it?s even more impressive. Each of the ten Tesla P40 GPUs in this system use Pascal architecture cores capable of 12 TeraFLOPS coupled with 24GB of GDDR5 memory and have a max power draw of up to 250 watts. That means a total power draw of close to 3,000 watts for the entire system.

The new GPUPI World Record is actually significantly faster than the next best score of 1sec 746ms. That was submitted by Russian overclocker Pijonson who harnessed the power of 8x GTX 1080 Ti cards to make his score. Dhenzjhen also did a GPUPI 32B run which also turned out to be the fastest ever, completing a run in just 1min 45sec 177ms. This is some way ahead of the next best score of 2mins 3sec 850ms which was also posted by Pijonson and his 1080Ti-based rig.

You can find the new World Record submission for GPUPI 1B here, as well as the GPUPI 32B World Record here

Jun 26, 2017 - article - hwbot.org
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Default Dhenzjhen (Philippines) Breaks GPUPI 1B and 32B World Records with 10x Nividia Tesla GPUs

Nice work sir!
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