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Sandy Bridge (P67/Z68) OC Clock'n'volt that Sandy

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Old 10-22-2011
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I have boot problems with ASRock Z68 Extreme4 Gen3. Well first my CPU (2500K) is stable at 48x. multiplier and 1.4v. Vcore, it is stable also at the 49-th multiplier but with a little bit higher Vcore voltage. (around 1.43v.), but when i tried to put 50x. it doesn't wont to boot and, debug stuck at 0x70 (the voltage was 1.5). Then i put 1.55v. for 5ghz, and the same debug code. I tried even with 1.6v. and failure again, it stuck at 0x70 debug code. Internal PLL overvoltage is on. Did i got the CPU multiplier wall ? The BIOS is 1.10, but it has no difference with the older 1.00.

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Old 01-03-2012
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Hello all, i have also a problem with Gigabyte X79-UD7 and Xeon SB-E 8x2.3ghz.... i get stuck at post 79 - CSM Initialization Started, anyone have any experience with that???
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Old 01-05-2012
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I'm getting stopped with an error code of 71 on my MIVE-Z.

Anybody else have this issue?
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