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Old 04-18-2010
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2000 mhz ram fails to impress me at 9-9-9........seeing as 6-7-6 was doable at 970.... I doubt there will be a benefit to running 9-9-9.
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Old 06-24-2010
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Massman what software are you using to read out the information. I am not sure to upgade the BIOS of my motherboard since i am not sure if the new bios includes the thuabn support which was given in the beta BIOS. i am using an asrock a770 Crossfire running a 1055T with the L1.31 BIOS. the new bios is 1.40 but the changelog doesnt state a new cpu code update.
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Old 03-30-2011
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keep channel interleaving turned off.
And the memory must be set to run in Ganged mode
add ECC to non-ECC memory

select ECC configuration
ECC to allow custom profiles or user set
DRAM SCRUB REDIRECT should be disabled and 4-bit ECC mode enabled, otherwise known as killer ECC mode.
These settings have ensured the memory to become stable.

DRAM BG scrub set to 1.31MS

Data cache BG scrub set to 5.12US

L2 cache BG scrub set to 5.12US

L3 cache BG scrub set to 5.12US

You can play around with it to see what get you stable with ram at 2000mhz
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Old 11-27-2011
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news ????
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