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Default Re: H2o vs. Ln2 - 4x Titan V - 0sec 995ms GPUPI - 1B

could it be the different version of gpupi?
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Yes it's just an efficiency thing. Nothing to see here folks, Vince rerun in 3,2,1...
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Default Re: H2o vs. Ln2 - 4x Titan V - 0sec 995ms GPUPI - 1B

Originally Posted by Hyperhorn View Post
..., but watching at the statistics segment it seems that some small hickup with Titan V #2 lead to the loss of the WR. Slinky's values are way more even in comparison. Anyway, congratulations!
Actually card #1 and #3 are the problem, card #2 was the most efficient. You have to look at the percentage of batches calculated, #2 did 32% of the whole calculation in about the same time as #1 did only 21%.

On the software part, there was only a minor upgrade of the CUDA toolkit between 3.0 and 3.1, so there shouldn't be much difference. I think this is a good case for hardware efficiency through better stability.

Well done, H2o! Try GPUPI 3.2 as well, it should have a little less overhead, because it doesn't use a physical log file on a disk anymore. That could scrape off another ms maybe.
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Congrads! You Did it!
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By the way, what waterblock you are using on VRM??
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H2o vs. Ln2

same old ek-r5e, r4e or r4be I can't confirm sorry, have to be mod as only one size will fit the screw
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