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Old 06-03-2016
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Default I am confused, how I get started?

I ended on this sort of by accident, I wasn't intending to overclock, just needed to test something on my PC...

But while testing, I ended getting the "overclock bug", and saw myself trying to figure how to improve my GPU score on Userbenchmark.com until I was the top1% in my GPU :P

http://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/1187006 <<< there.

So, I wanted to get started here, but found everything bewildering, specially because many information assumes you already know what it is, for example I saw that "Haswell Tweaking challenge", and I was, ok, maybe I can join that... But then there is no explanation, it is only written it is a tweaking challenge, but for Haswell...

WTf is a tweaking challenge?

Also when I went to see benchmarking software here, seemly most of them are paid?

And what is validation?

Do I need a giant monitor to actually submit scores? Example screenshot-based submissions I saw have lots of windows across a huge desktop, but right now my machine is on my testbench, and doesn't have space for a big screen, I am using a backup CRT screen 1024x768...
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Old 06-03-2016
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MR. Horse
Default Re: I am confused, how I get started?

I use a crt with a max rez of 1028x1024 or something like that. I also have submitted scores with the res set to 1024x768.
It's a bit tricky at first with lower rez displays but after awhile your know were to place things. Feel free to look over my scores I submitted to get an idea on were to place things.

Validation is a link/file needed for either 3dmark or a cpu/mobo overclock and some other benchmarks. Sometimes its minatory like with cpu overclocks and some times its only needed for top 10 subs like with 3dmark.

And every benchmark on hwbot is free as far as I know. You can get 3dmark keys here

Wile your at it, I would (if you have not yet) read the rules for this site and be sure to fallow all benchmarking submission rules.
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Old 06-04-2016
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Default Re: I am confused, how I get started?

Welcome to HWBot!

Something important to say.... whichever benchmark you want to run, please check HWBot rules for the resolution that the benchmark must run at.

If your monitor can only support 1024x768 and you want to run, for example, 3DMark06 at 1280x1024 or a newer benchmark, please make sure the benchmark runs at its default resolution and you do not adjust the resolution down so your monitor can show it. You might not see the FPS because that info "disappears" off the bottom of the screen :/

Please read the rules and ask any questions before you start benching.... it is better than getting a score that makes you happy, then finding out that it doesn't fit the rules.

Have fun!
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i believe in K404! :P

I do not believe in 1st place by any means, at any cost.

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