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[Video] Buildzoid Walks Through his Standard LN2 Benching Setup

Buildzoid is back in the saddle this weeked getting down to some solid extreme overclocking armed with an Intel Pentium G3258 processor. In fact he submitted a bunch of decent scores yesterday that include wPrime 32M, Cinebench R15, Cinebench 11.5 and SuperPi 1M. Prior his latest benching session (which you can watch right here courtesy of his live stream) he also took time to give a full run down of his standard LN2 benching setup. For those of you who are tempted to dip your toe in the LN2 waters at some stage, the video is actually a really interesting guide.

The first thing that Buildzoid covers is the matter of how he has his fans setup. Having solid air flow is a huge help when trying to defeat the evils of moisture and condensation, two things that really muck up your extreme benching session if you don?t take the right precautions. To help keep everything as moisture free as possible, Buildzoid uses a separate PSU for all the fans of his rig. This is done using an EVGA power jumper on the 24-pin cable, a pretty simple way of keeping all your fans spinning when the actual system is turned off.

He goes on to strips down his rig covering lots details that extreme overclocking novices will appreciate; covering issues such as applying thermal grease, armaflex insulation, blue paper towels, and his own take on the massive topic of motherboard insulation. Buildzoid favors using Plasti Dip, a specialty rubber coating that he applies with a paint brush or two.

Catch the LN2 setup walkthrough from Buildzoid here on the Actually Hardcore Overclocking YouTube channel here.

Apr 10, 2017 - article - youtu.be
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Default [Video] Buildzoid Walks Through his Standard LN2 Benching Setup

Great video for LN2 noobs...
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