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Gamers Nexus Test and Benchmark Thermal Paste Methodology on AMD Threadripper

The all new (and thoroughly exciting) AMD Ryzen Threadripper platform launched just a week ago, giving HEDT processor users more options than they previously ever dreamed of. There?s been a deluge of great content from tech websites, reviewers and YouTubers, but for me one site that it?s simply knocking the ball out of the park is Gamers Nexus. Steve Burke and the gang have been delving deeper into the actual tech of AMD?s new platform than most sites. As well as a full review of the platform, they also took time to investigate the best way to apply thermal paste.

There are different ways to apply thermal paste to a CPU before mounting the cooler; small ball, long strips, crosses etc. We all have our personal favorite techniques that we tend to favor, but with Threadripper, we?re actually dealing with four CPU dies present under the IHS, of which only two are actually active. The larger surface area of the IHS is also something worth considering of course.

Using a test methodology pioneered by Roman ?der8auer? Hartung Steve Burke shows sets out six different paste application methods (including the method that AMD actually recommend) for prepping a Ryzen Threadripper 1950X processor. He shows you how the different methods spread under pressure using a plexiglass test, plus some real life testing with a closed loop cooler to see which method actually yields better thermal connectivity and efficiency in your rig.

You can find the full and detailed article from Gamers Nexus here, plus the accompanying video on their YouTube channel here. It?s interesting to see in fact, that the video is one of the most popular they have published this month. Who knew thermal pasting was such a popular thing?

Aug 16, 2017 - article - youtu.be
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Default Gamers Nexus Test and Benchmark Thermal Paste Methodology on AMD Threadripper

Interesting look at thermal paste methodology with the new TR platform.
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