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Rookie Rumble #21 and AMD Rumble #18 Winners

The 21st edition of the ever popular and entertaining Rookie Rumble series just came to a close and not for the first time, we see a complete newcomer take the crown with dianaOC from Romania pulling off one of the most dominant displays we have sever seen.

The 21st edition of the ever popular and entertaining Rookie Rumble series just came to a close and not for the first time, we see a complete newcomer take the crown with dianaOC from Romania pulling off one of the most dominant displays we have sever seen. On the AMD side of the fence we have Frenchman Niuulh take top spot for the third time in his fledgling Rookie OC career.

It?s interesting to see that in Round 21 the Rookies have taken to Intel?s new 6th Generation platform like a duck to water - or possibly a (sky) lake. Let?s take a look at how the new platform has shaken things up and check out the stages, scores and final standings in more detail.

Stage 1: XTU

As always Stage 1 of the Rookie Rumble involves benching on XTU, also known as the Intel Extreme Tuning Utility. It?s a popular benchmark with Rookies and less experienced overclockers due to its simplicity and integrated approach. Hardened OC pros may not get too excited, but XTU was co-developed from the ground up by Intel and HWBOT to make overclocking as simplistic and accessible as possible. Let?s see how the Rookie?s deal with Intel?s new breed of mainstream CPU, benching XTU.

Stage 1 also introduces a familiar theme for Round #21 in general - a stage win for our new Romanian champion dianaOC. And what a convincing win it was too, scoring 411 marks per core (1644 marks) on an Intel Core i7 6700K clocked to 4,800MHz (20% over stock). That score suggests some solid memory tweaking as 2nd place finisher Wernersen from Germany scored 406.25 per core (1625 marks) with the same chip clocked at 4,890MHz (22.5% above stock).

Here?s the leaderboard at the end of play:

In third place you can see elmaniaco from Greece, an overclocker that seems to have really honed his XTU edge with a solid score of 382.00 per core (1528 marks) with a Core i7 6700K at 4,590MHz. This is the only stage in which he submitted however, resulting in a final 14th place in the round as a whole. Maybe it?s time to venture out of the XTU cave buddy.

Stage 1 contest page: http://oc-esports.io/#!/round/rookie_rumble_21/2438/xtu

Stage 2: HWBOT Prime

Another benchmark designed to offer a quick and simple way to access real world computational performance is the in-house developed HWBOT Prime, a benchmarking app which pumps out scores based on the generation of prime numbers, or Primes-per-Second (pps). All scores are divided by the number of cores used, a fact that in fact favors cheaper dual-core processors.

Stage 2 sees dianaOC edge out the competition with a per core score of 2213.53 pps (4421.06 pps). If you are thinking that our new Rookie champ is leveraging esoteric Skylake tweaks alone, you?re about to be disappointed - the score was achieved using the silicon darling of Stage 2, the Intel Pentium G3258, in this case pumped up to 4,800MHz. Not too shabby at all.

After almost a month of frantic competition this is how the table looked.

Second and third places are a strictly American affair, with SwartHack scoring 2,211.11 per core and ogmcvilletc (our eventual third place finisher for the round) hitting 2,209.19 per core - both using a Pentium G3258.

Stage 2 contest page: http://oc-esports.io/#!/round/rookie_rumble_21/2439/hwbot_prime

Stage 3: GPUPI for CPU - 100M

GPUPI is the focal point of this stage, allowing you to calculate the mathematical constant of Pi using either a graphics chip or a CPU. Stage 3 focuses on the CPU as the Rookie Rumble contest avoids the darker arts of VGA overclocking. Scoring here involves a straight timed run where scores are not divided by core count. This tends to favor the mammoth octa-core Core i7 5960X, a chip used to attain both 1st and 2nd places.

Here?s how the table looked after a month of Haswell-E tweaking and pushing.

Once again we see a convincing win for dianaOC who pushed his 5960X to solid 4,600MHz to achieve a run of 9sec 304ms. The Australians get in on the act with GunnzAkimbo (great handle?) reaching 9sec 520ms on the same chip. Finishing third for the second time we have our eventual third place finisher ogmcvilletc who did very well on a more modest Core i7 5930K to hit 11sec 500ms.

Stage 3 contest page: http://oc-esports.io/#!/round/rookie_rumble_21/2440/gpupi_for_cpu_-_100m

Rookie Rumble #21: Final Standings

At the end of the 21st ever Rookie Rumble, this is how it looked.

It?s interesting to note that our champion of Round #21 has shown how each of the stages now optimally involves a specific type of processor. DianaOC used Skylake in Stage 1, Haswell in Stage 2 and Haswell-E in Stage 3. This proves how even Rookies now need to be adept at different platforms and technologies if they really want to Rumble.

Congrats to dianaOC who has arrived out of nowhere to demonstrate the most dominant Rookie Rumble display of this season. We?ve come close a few times this year, but this is the first time since nvidiaforever2 laid down the law in Rookie Rumble #8 that one player has dominated the round in such a complete fashion.

Finally, this round?s second place finisher deserves a some applause all of his own. Ziken from France managed to come 4th in all three stages. No mean feat. His performance proves that you don?t have to be the absolute master of one single platform. A more varied and eclectic approach can reap serious rewards and is satisfyingly well worth all the hard work. Well done to Ziken. Also congrats to ogmcvilletc who earned third place by toting up two 3rd place finishes.

Check out the final standings on the Rookie Rumble #21 contest page: http://oc-esports.io/#!/round/rookie_rumble_21

AMD Rookie Rumble #18

No Rookie Rumble round-up would be complete without visiting the AMD camp across the street. AMD might not be the king of the hill in terms of sheer performance but there?s no doubting the fun that can had with their latest CPU and APU offerings which are eminently tweakable.

Rookie Rumble AMD #18 features plenty of new faces and one familiar winner - Frenchman Niuulh claimed a solid win for the third time in his Rookie OC career. Niuulh managed to pull off two very convincing wins in Stages 1 and 2, only to be narrowly pipped at the post in Stage 3 by a player who didn?t actually make the round?s final top ten. Let?s check it out in a little more detail. First, here?s the table at the end of the contest.

Stage 1 involves reaching the highest possible CPU clock speed (CPU-Z) and saw Niuulh flex some serious muscles with a Sempron 145 pushed way beyond stock to reach 4,605.9MHz (+64.5%). It?s interesting to see the choice of a more affordable model here, underlining the idea that you don?t always need high-end gear to compete.

In Stage 2 we again witness our champion Frenchman dominate the proceedings with a HWBOT Prime score of 1409.74 pps per core using his prized Sempron 145, this time clocked a tad lower to complete the run at 4,577.9MHz.

Stage 3 was a different story however with the AMD champ having to make do with 2nd place, narrowly beaten by bbaxter18 from the US who used his FX-8370 clocked at 5,317MHz to achieve a run of 15sec 385ms in GPUPI. bbaxter18 eventually finished in 11th place for the round having not submitted in either of the other two stages.

Check out the AMD #18 Rookie Rumble contest page for more details: http://oc-esports.io/#!/round/rookie_rumble_amd_18" target="_blank">

This round has been largely bereft of screen shots. Our Rumble #21 champion dianaOC decided not to share any images of the rig used, which is a minor disappointment as we always like to have a voyeuristic peek at the rigs used in the contest. With that, I leave you with a system picture from Niuulh, the AMD Rookie Champion of the moment.

See you all for Rumbles #22 and AMD #19! Keep pushing!

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Congrats everyone!
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