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Spanish Overclockers Club Attend Mollerussa Lan Party, Spain

Spain?s most ardent and hardest working OC evangelists will be returning to Catalonia, Spain this weekend with ChentinoX and the Spanish Overclockers engaging with Spanish enthusiasts gamers at the Mollerussa Lan Party. Organized in conjunction with the HWBOT X, the guys will be teaching attendees the ins and outs of overclocking, also giving them a chance to taste the competitive side of things for the first time.

The Lan party event is held in the city of Mollerusa each year with avid gamers and enthusiasts from the Catalonia region of the country getting together for a weekend of fun including Video game tournaments, modding, workshops and competitions. Building on the success of last year, ChentinoX and other members of the Spanish Overclockers Club will again be in attendance to introduce the art of Overclocking.

The event will include workshops that introduce the basics of ambient overclocking on Day 1, followed by competitive action on Day 2. After a Classification round using the XTU benchmark, leading combatants will be face each other in Semi-Final and Final matches. Its should prove to be a very fun day.

You can learn more about the HWBOT X Mollerussa 2017 event here on the HWBOT X website. If you live in the Catalonia region of Spain, be sure to stop by.

Nov 10, 2017 - article - x.hwbot.org
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Default Spanish Overclockers Club Attend Mollerussa Lan Party, Spain

Another OC event put together by ChentinoX and the Spanish Overclockers Club. Nice one guys.
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