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Old 03-17-2013
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Default The Power of Titan!!!

Hi, friends of KPC.
The reason we are doind this thread is to tell you about our "Titan's" experience, and also to alert the extreme overclockers to take care with the fragile Titan's PWM.
First of all, we tested the videocard in the air, and we were not happy to know the card coud not surpass 1175 Mhz / 1700 Mhz.
The videocard is a gift from Zotac Miami (very thanks to Zotac)... and since the videocard cost is about USD 2000 (or more) in Brazil, we noticed will be impossible to play SLI... and sure... 3 or 4 way.
Regardless all.... we decided to try to get the max of the card.

Phase 1 - Hardmodding

We did try the hardmodding (VGPU, VRAM and VPLL... also OCP and Thermal Shutdown)...
I often liked to make a control panel, to have easier acess to the trimpot and also measure points.
Looks like a functional and nice hardmod...

Bad surprise

After we run 1345 Mhz... and get more than 18K on 3Dmark11, we (me and Schenckel) decided to put a lit bit more voltage... since we were under LN2...
So... suddenly, after 10 minutes benching and only about 10 seconds after start 3DMark11... videocard was death.
We measure the resistence and noticed the card was shorted.
OMG... to lose a VERY EXPENSIVE videocard in only a few minutes, was really a bad thing... but after to test the components, we could know that only one phase was death.

Still had a hope

Later that nigh in Brazil..... I see in the morning in Taiwan, ... TiN gave us a great help, and informed PWRGD point to cut... so, we could enable the Zoombie.
We started to hardmod again the card about 1:00 AM... and finally finished and tested the card about 6:00 AM... really tired out...
After to test and check it was working... its time to sleep 3 or 4 hours to finally try the Titan.

That's the result:


And that's the scores we got

We know nothing compares with a magic hardmods done by TiN and Shammy... but we were happy that we made.
Unfortunately, LN2 is too expensive and we could not afford lots of LN2...
This is all we got with about 35 Lits...
Titan is a ferocious consumer of nitrogen... but bring us a lot of fun...

Best wishes from Brazil

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Old 03-17-2013
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EPIC mod and AWESOME scores man

Wish that someday I could find the courage to do that kind of mod in a 1000 USD++ GPU

Keep Pushing it !
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Old 03-17-2013
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Epic score man!!!

Originally Posted by hipro5 View Post
bunnyextraction!!........IF I don't see 3GHz, it doesn't count!.......
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Old 03-17-2013
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Wow! Nice pictures Thanks for sharing!

Looking for LN2/DICE containers? Don't miss this offer
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Old 03-17-2013
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That is some really hard soldering work on that card!

Needs some balls to not give up after PWM-blowout and go for the real hard way

Very, very high-skilled extreme overclocking ronaldo
Originally Posted by K404 View Post
Overclocking is like the KGB, no-one ever really quits.
The secret isle of LN2...
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Old 03-17-2013
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Thanks all friends...
But would like to share that:
Me and Schenckel Bros worked about 10 hours or more working together.
We also modding, soldering, killed PWM, zoombified, benching and celebrate together.
We were really tired out... so, was good we shared and worked together to minimize the fatigue...
We killed the card after 1st hardmod about 1:00 AM.... and went immediatly to zoombiefied the card... when we were just tired...
So... would like to give 50% of the credit in all to my brother, Schenckel... that's a really close friends and often be part of overclocking sessions at home.
Just FYI.... Schenckel Bros = Cleiton Schenckel and Jacson Schenckel...
In name of us, I wild like to give you congratz for all friendly words.
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Old 03-17-2013
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Awesome. That's about as pro as it gets.

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Old 03-17-2013
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Awesome job there, kuddos !
Proud to be a warehouse OCer you don't like it ? Too bad 4 you...
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Old 03-17-2013
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holy bunnyextraction!
self indulgence, some people have too much of it
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Old 03-18-2013
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nice one fellas
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