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Techlabs Cup Ru 2013 Live Final on March 23 in Moscow, Russia - USD $3000 Total Cash Prize

It's a pity we've only learned about this overclocking event today as the online qualification window ended four days ago. But luckily we are right in time to make the announcement about the live final of this Russian-only overclocking competition. The Techlabs Cup has been around for quite some time now, not only in Russia but also Ukraine. The competition set up is actually quite simple: submit your best overclocking results via email and the best six results qualify for the live final. The benchmarks in this year?s Techlab Cup RU were 3DMark11 Performance and SuperPI 32M. No multi-cpu or multi-gpu configurations were allowed, but you could use any type of cooling (so including liquid nitrogen).

The live competition final has quite an interesting prize pool for being a local event. The winner will go home with USD $1500, the runner-up with USD $1000 and the second runner-up (also "last place") still wins USD $500. The live overclocking event takes place in a large Moscow shopping place called Mega Khimki on March 23 from 10AM until 4PM local time. The six qualified overclockers will form three teams to compete at the booth stand, each with their own platform with hardware provided by the main sponsors of the event. The benchmark tests are the same as used in the qualification phase: SuperPI 32M and 3DMark11 Performance. The 3DMark score will have 60% weight in the final score, the SuperPI 32M score 40%.

We do not have much information on who will be participating in the event, so if you have more info on the event feel free to comment in the forums. Good luck to all participants!

More information: Tech-labs.ru (translated with Google Translate)

Mar 18, 2013 - article - news.tech-labs.ru
Old 03-18-2013
Smoke Smoke is offline
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Smoke, S_A_V, 12, Ananerbe will participate. Also last names will be updated soon.
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Old 03-19-2013
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S_A_V is an unknown quantity at this point
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Techlabs Cup Ru 2013 - online qualifier results:
1. S_A_V - 16979
2. Veld - 16306
3. Smoke - 15513
4. 12 - 15377
5. Ananerbe - 9600
6. ***1056;***1091;***1089;***1083;***1072;***1085; ***1058;***1080;***1093;***1086;***1085;***1077;***1085;***1082;***1086; - 4112

Live final hardware configuration:
Gigabyte G1. Sniper
Palit GeForce GTX 680 JetStream
Kingston HyperX Predator (exact part number still TBA)
WD VelociRaptor
Cooler Master PSU

Good luck to all participants, see you in Moscow next Saturday!
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Old 03-19-2013
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Good luck guys. Make it a good show.

Don't forget to sneak in an aquamark run using the team cup competition background.

Originally Posted by Devroush on HWBOT View Post
Of course it will be bug free, I only write flawless code.
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Old 03-19-2013
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was 4K really enough to make it into the finals?
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Old 03-19-2013
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Sam, yeah. Just only 5 results was submitted in qualifier time
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Old 03-19-2013
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$1500 and a live event with sponsored gear from a 5-score qualifier.

Awesome! Hey.... it will be fun for the guys taking part, so it's all good.
Originally Posted by Hondacity View Post
i believe in K404! :P

I do not believe in 1st place by any means, at any cost.

Originally Posted by der8auer View Post
Knowing workarounds to get a benchmark to run is not a skill. It's a combination of knowledge and wasting time.
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Old 03-26-2013
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1 S_A_V & Ananerbe
2 Veld & Ruslan Tichonenko
3 Smoke & 12
Originally Posted by Massman View Post
I don't think TiN = 1 manpower. I've seen him on the livestream. Perhaps 3/4 manpower.
Originally Posted by AndreYang View Post
because assman was there.
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Old 03-26-2013
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MSI MOA 2013 EMEA Qualifier - #2nd
ASUS Open Overclocking Cup AOOC 2013 - #3rd
MSI MOA 2013 WW FINALS - #3rd
Galaxy GOOC 2013 Finals - #12th
HyperX OC Takeover HOT Final CES 2014 - #1st
G.skill OC World Cup 2014 - #3rd
HyperX OC Takeover HOT 2014 Computex - #1st
Intel OC Challenge Computex 2014 - #1st
MSI MOA 2014 WW Finals - #12th
ASUS Open Overclocking Cup AOOC 2014 -#2nd
Galaxy GOOC 2014 Finals -#4th
HyperX OC Takeover HOT Final CES 2015 - #1st
G.skill OC World Cup 2015 - #5
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