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ASRock Z87 Line-Up Surfaces: Z87 OC Formula, Z87 Extreme11 and Z87 Professional

One day after the ASUS Z87 (accidental) leak, we now also get pretty much a full line-up of ASRock. The list of motherboard names holds very little surprises, except for maybe the confirmation of a micro-ATX OC Formula and the weird /ac-suffix for motherboards with an onboard 802.11 ac WLAN controller. In general, there are three lines: mainstream, gaming and overclocking. Each of the lines have their own specific top-of-the-line board.

For gaming we have the Z87 Professional, a board that follows the Fatal1ty black and red color scheme and a bunch of features for, well, gamers. The mainstream line-up will feature another Extreme11 motherboard, which will probably be a board featuring everything ASRock can fit on a single PCB. There are no pictures yet, but I imagine it to be beastly. Last but not least (and in fact most importantly!), the Z87 OC Formula series feature two boards: the plain full ATX version and a mini "GeneZ"-ish Z87M OC Formula. Interesting to see ASRock go for the -M suffix rather than opt for a totally different marketing name like ASUS did with the Gene and GeneZ.

Looking forward to see how they stack up against the other Z87 motherboards!

May 6, 2013 - article - techpowerup.com
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Default ASRock Z87 Line-Up Surfaces: Z87 OC Formula, Z87 Extreme11 and Z87 Professional


Z87M OC Formula seems pretty interesting!
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very nice job ASRock!
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USB near 24 pin hmm
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yea the Extreme4 also has one below the memory slots.
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That little temp readout is cool but does it go below zero?

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